This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


From Zero to I Love You
Jack (Scott Bailey) has what every man would want; a beautiful and successful wife, two smart and pretty daughters, a big house and a great job in a publishing house. He also has a secret that has been eating him alive for most of his life. Like many men and women, Jack choose the path of “normalcy” to the American Dream rather than face the fact that he’s attracted to men. He tries as hard as he can to be the faithful husband and good father until one night, he can’t do it anymore. Pete (Darryl Stephens) is just a guy in Philadelphia who happens to have a history of getting involved with married men. His father (Richard Lawson) and his soon-to-be stepmom (Leslie Zemeckis) are on him to find someone who’s actually available and to settle down. A chance encounter at a party leads Jack straight to Peter who will change his life forever and upend everything Jack has built. What was supposed to be a one-night stand turns into a once-in-a-lifetime love for both of them.


Love Blooms
Martin (Paul Delbreil), an aspiring young filmmaker, arrives in Paris in a desperate attempt to reunite with his first love, Lea (Adele Csech). Though lively, cultured and curious, Lea is not very happy. Although she doesn’t quite know what her future is going to look like, she’s pretty sure that it won’t include Martin as a romantic partner. Reluctantly, Martin begins to accept the fact that their relationship is truly over. Now he must find a way to rebuild his life from scratch. He’s just starting to do that when, much to his surprise, he ends up falling head-over-heels in love… with another man. Sexy, romantic, funny and poignant, Love Blooms takes a sensitive look at sexual discovery, young love and trying to find yourself, while struggling to become a mature adult.


The sexual tension practically spills off the screen in this sweaty, titillating romance from award-winning director Marco Berger (the same guy behind Absent, Plan B, Sexual Tension: Volatile and Testosterone). Hawaii follows Martin and Eugenio (Manuel Vignau and Mateo Chiarino), two former childhood friends who reunite during a hot summer in the Argentinean countryside. As they work together to restore Eugenio’s summer home, a game of power and desire ensues the two buddies to grapple with their sexual attraction and reconsider their relationship. With gorgeous cinematography, a lush setting and compelling lead performances, Hawaii is an intimate character study that percolates with lustful longing. Have a towel ready before you watch it. You are bound to break a sweat!


Children of God
Blond haired, blue-eyed Johnny (Johnny Ferro) travels to the island of Eleuthera intent on finding some artistic inspiration. After arriving, he meets the confident, attractive black musician Romeo (Stephen Tyrone Williams) and it is instantly clear that there is a spark between them. Although Romeo has a fiance, he has secretly played with boys on the side before – but Johnny is not just any boy, and soon their relationship becomes far more complex than a simple fling. Struggling to overcome rampant homophobia, and an anti-gay crusade erupting around them, it is going to take more than wishful thinking for their love to last. A beautifully shot, captivating romance, Children of God paints a universally relevant portrait of desire, sexual conflict, tolerance and self-acceptance.


I Am Happiness on Earth
Julián Hernández, one of Mexico’s premier queer filmmakers (Raging Sun, Raging Sky), returns with this tale of a film director struggling with the line between his sexually charged reality and equally arousing cinematic creations. Will Emiliano (Hugo Catalan) be able to sustain his relationship, or will his lust for beauty and meaning lead him elsewhere? Furious couplings between gorgeous men include an exhilaratingly explicit play-within-a-play. Hernández’s boldly poetic romance compares with such films as Fellini’s , Godard’s Contempt and others exploring the connections between love, sex, creativity, and filmmaking.

This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Your Eyes on Me
Working on her final show, the much-loved and popular drag artist, Gloria (Paul Stone), finds herself holding an audition for Kandi (Jean-Philippe Boriau), a young French dancer. Gloria and Kandi have a whole lot more in common than either of them could have imagined. The pair soon find themselves stuck in an emotional waltz, where past and present start to blend together. The brand-new indie Your Eyes on Me is a unique, stylish and promising debut from writer-director Sergei Alexander.


Nobody’s Child
Annie (Faye Viviana) and Paul (Miles Cooper) have been best friends for years. When Annie discovers she may have breast cancer, she informs Paul that she wants him to raise her son Jeremy (Walt Schoen) if anything should happen to her – rather than the boy’s father. Paul, young and in love with his fast-moving gay lifestyle, is not so sure that’s he’s ready for the responsibility. How do you raise a child when you aren’t quite sure you’re a grown-up yet yourself? Adapted and directed by Dennis Nollette from a short story by David Groff, Nobody’s Child is a touching and heartbreaking short film about family, friendship and the trials and tribulations of growing up at any age.


Three young artists – a trans opera singer and disc jockey, a Middle Eastern American performance artist and a gay film maker (played by Dino PetreraCatiriana Reyes and Robbie Gottlieb) – share a tiny studio apartment while they look for love and fame in New York City. It’s not an easy day-to-day life. They scrimp and save and scam and steal their way from month to month. Somehow they survive… but in the new world shared economy they are always just one click away from losing everything. Squirrels is a thoughtful indie about modern bohemia from prolific filmmaker Todd Verow.


1 Versus 100
When Larry (Walter Mecham), a powerful attorney, finds out his teenage daughter is gay, he kicks her out for good. Malia (Anna McClean) is forced to live with her girlfriend, Lian (Nancy Nezbit), as she pieces her life back together. Five years later, Larry is found dead under suspicious circumstances, which prompts Malia to end her exotic dancing career. On Malia’s last shift, she meets Ben (Lance Claymore), a producer who propositions her to star in an adult film. Malia is then involved in a car crash that leaves her unable to work for months. Now broke and facing eviction, she agrees to star in the movie as the police are closing in. Unravel all the secrets in this mystery/thriller from writer-director Bruno Kohfield-Galeano.


What Women Want: Gay Romance
Women are the overwhelming majority of writers, publishers, readers and fans of gay male romance novels. Dive into the Gay Rom Lit convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico with this brand-new documentary to discover why! Some facts: The biggest readers of m/m erotic romances are educated white women over the age of 35, married with children and middle-class. Books written specifically for gay men can differ slightly from what is generally marketed as m/m romance today. LGBTQ and m/m are the fastest expanding genres, seeing growth in readership larger than ever experienced in publishing to date. There are conventions in cities all over the world for writers and readers of M/M and M/M/M books.

This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Paris 05:59: Theo & Hugo
From the directors behind The Adventures of Felix, comes a thoughtful and relentlessly sexy romance. It’s after midnight in a Paris gay sex club when Théo and Hugo lock eyes across the crowded room – and their connection is electric. They make their way together and have passionate sex. Afterwards, they leave the club and explore the streets of Paris, drunk with the possibilities of love at first sight, as well as sobered by the risks of their passion. Opening with one of the most jaw-dropping gay sex scenes we’ve ever seen in a movie, the film plays out in real time and follows the connection that grows between these two men. Lead actors Geoffrey Couet and Francois Nambot, both relative newcomers, put everything on display – both emotionally and physically. Their primal sexual connection is palpable. Warning: As stated above, Paris 05:59: Theo & Hugo contains graphic sex and nudity (did we mention that?). Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


Always Say Yes
The sexually explicit gay film Always Say Yes follows Hector (Gerardo Torres Rodriguez), a gay man living in Mexico who travels from Hermosillo to Mexico City with the hope of posing naked for Feral, a sex-positive photography collective. Leaving both his friends and his inhibitions behind, Hector is determined to experiment and play out all of his various desires in real life, without limits. He makes a promise to himself to always say yes to every new situation, no matter what the consequences may be. A raw and explicit examination of sexuality and desire, Always Say Yes features brave, completely uninhibited performances from a game cast. Warning: This film contains graphic scenes of unsimulated sex acts. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. (Noticing a theme with this week’s selections?)


Davy & Goliath
An afternoon visit to a small city ‘Sex Shoppe’ inspires excitement, surprise and comic relief. Produced, directed, photographed and edited by prolific, boundary-pushing, iconoclast queer filmmakers Charles Lum and Todd Verow, the six-minute short film Davy & Goliath is an eye-opener. A New York-based artist working in video, using documentary and cinematic narrative, photo and performance, much of Lum’s works deals – in a deliberately confrontational way – with gay sexuality ethics and how the realities of HIV affected culture and personal experience. With more than twenty-five different shorts and features available on-demand right now, Verow has been one of our favorite underground gay filmmakers for a long time.


India Blues
India Blues is an edgy, bold and passionate love story between two young men who are sometimes afraid to love each other. Through exploring their experiences – both the trivial and important moments – in real time (their first kiss, their first sexual encounter, their awkward silences, their last hug), we are submerged in their universe of love and the feelings that come with it. Pain, lust, happiness, jealousy, attraction, peacefulness, love and anger are shown to us in eight out-of-order segments – chapters in the coming together and the tearing apart of two very different people. Though it’s not for all tastes, this unusually patient, decidedly avant garde film aims to offer the most realistic depiction possible of a gay relationship – through all of its emotional stages – on film. There’s a lot of depth and intelligence even in the film’s slowest, most trivial moments and the two largely unknown lead actors (Christoph Forny and Yiannis Kolios) give incredibly brave performances, showing their characters’ vulnerability in totally subtle ways.


The Third One
Unfolding over the course of one night, The Third One concerns a ménage à trois. In the extended pre-title opening, we’re treated to raunchy online conversations and video chats between Fede (Emiliano Dionisi), a college student, and Hernan and Franco (Carlos Echevarria and Nicolas Armengol), an attractive, slightly older gay couple. After a few heated internet encounters, they decide to meet in person. The film features numerous long takes – the camera fixed in one position as this trio gets acquainted and builds sexual tension. Once that tension is released, in an incredibly long and intimate three-way sequence, it’s all the more riveting for the slow build that precedes it. Light on conflict, The Third One simply aims to simulate a modern gay threesome as believably as possible – and it succeeds. This is a sex positive movie that looks at taboos – open relationships, intergenerational affairs – with a fair eye and celebrates the enchanting effect that one night of honest, uninhibited passion can leave you in the morning.

This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Bittersweet Waters
Writer-director Jesús Canchola Sánchez makes his assured feature debut with this emotionally complex tale of Atl (played by Sanchez), a quiet man living in rural Mexico, taking care of his devoted grandmother, Citalli, and verbally abusive mother, Soledad. Atl’s grandmother is unaware of his undercover affair with his longtime best friend, the handsome movie star Diego. But the two-faced, alcoholic Soledad knows and wastes no time in blackmailing her son in order to keep him compliant. Diego’s pregnant fiancée soon discovers the affair too, but in spite of her threats, Diego keeps seeing Atl on the side. In order to live truthfully, Atl must overcome his mother, Diego’s fiancée and the traditional community that surrounds him.


Brotherly Love
Brotherly Love is the movie adaptation of the Lambda Literary Award-nominated novel “Seventy Times Seven” by Salvatore Sapienza. Which “calling” do you answer? The one you feel from God or the one you feel about your true authentic self? That is the exact dilemma that Brother Vito (played by writer/director Anthony J. Caruso) is facing. He’s gay, but devoted to his less-than-accepting religious community. Soon, he must decide between becoming a Brother or declaring his love for Gabe (Derek Babb). Shot entirely in Austin, TX and with a local cast and crew, Brotherly Love is a fresh take on the traditional gay love story. You’ll also be happy to know that “The Golden Girls” plays a surprisingly significant role in this touching new romantic drama.


Avocado Toast: The Series
Ever wondered about your parents’ sex life? Neither did Molly and Elle (series leads Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss) until both divorce and the coming-out process forced them to learn about certain familial sex-capades. After a lifetime of dating men, Molly, a thirty-one-year-old grade school teacher, surprises herself when she falls in love with a woman for the first time. When she finds the courage to come out as bisexual to her suburban parents, they reveal their own admission… they’re experienced swingers… and they throw sex parties. Meanwhile, Elle, a thirty-three-year-old creative director, is reeling after learning that her parents are divorcing and her mother, who also happens to be her boss, had an affair with a dude young enough to be Elle’s brother. Don’t miss the hilarious new LGBTQ comedy series Avocado Toast.


Spend some time with a group of raunchy young straight boys (with the exception of one) in the new twelve-minute short film Dudes from writer-director Noan Ribeiro. While a bunch of buddies (Michael Gmur, Jakeem Hawkins, Anthon Meyer and Alexander Volpi) hang out together in the living room playing video games, a homophobic comment is casually uttered. This prompts one brave, young jock to muscle up some courage and finally come out to his (sometimes inconsiderate) frat bro besties. When the news is unleashed, each of the boys has a different reaction. Will friendship win over discrimination?


Everything is Free
Ivan (writer-director Brian Jordan Alvarez) has relocated to a coastal town in Colombia to focus on his painting. After some time apart, his straight best friend and former roommate, Christian (Peter Vack), comes to visit, bringing his younger brother, Cole (Morgan Krantz), along. The initial pleasantries of beach side camping and late-night partying fade more quickly than expected, after Ivan and Cole (who generally identifies as straight) start secretly sleeping together. When Christian finds out, the otherwise idyllic summer affair brings out difficult and surprising emotions in not just the three men but also their diverse circle of fellow American expats and tourists. Frank and playful, Everything Is Free navigates gay cinema tropes with self-awareness, humor, gravity, and a very modern sensibility.

Now Streaming: Equation to an Unknown

A handsome young stud rides his motorcycle through a myriad of sexual fantasies, from a soccer game’s locker room to a dreamy and unsettling orgy where the film reaches its melancholic peak.

This undiscovered erotic film is a labyrinth of all-male fantasies whose outstanding beauties always end up fading away while leaving their sensual protagonist dealing with his own loneliness.

The film is directed with absolute grace by the mysterious Dietrich de Velsa (also know as Francis Savel and Frantz Salieri), a former painter who was also the owner and artistic director of one of the first transvestites’ cabaret of Paris, La Grande Eugène. Years later, he collaborated with Joseph Losey on Mr. Klein and Don Giovanni. Equation to an Unknown is Velsa/Savel/Salieri’s only film and stands without a doubt as a masterpiece… maybe the best French gay arthouse porn ever made.

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This Weekend’s VOD Favorites!

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Role of a Lifetime
Amber (Elysse Winn) and her lover Liz (Rain Dove Dubilewski) are moving slow after a romantic evening celebrating their anniversary – along with Amber’s recent Oscar Nomination. Liz wakes up to receive a package from a strange and invasive postal worker, Jade (Larena Danielle), who secretly enters the apartment. Desperate to save their brunch plans, Liz leaves for groceries and Amber is relieved to see the unopened package with an engagement ring. Unnoticed, Jade makes herself at home and soon confronts Amber, trapping her in a series of lethal accusations and riddles before being interrupted by Amber’s persistent manager, Richard (Steve Wolf). Eventually, Amber realizes that while she may not be able to save herself, she may be able to do something to keep Liz alive. Role of a Lifetime is a stylish twelve-minute thriller from writer Kelly Feustel, director Ashlei Hardenburg and the gang at Mattioli Productions.


Kill the Monsters 
When young, pretty, and charmingly aloof Frankie (Jack Ball) falls mysteriously ill, his older and wiser partners – overthinking, practical Patrick (Ryan Lonergan), and impulsive, fiery Sutton (Garrett McKechnie) – agree that it’s time to head West, begin new adventures, and seek holistic treatment. From here, the highs and lows of the trio’s journey mirror key points in United States history – from hot sex in their luxurious New York City apartment through a road trip that results in a civil war and possible breakup to an all-out poker war involving scheming, sophisticated, and calculating German and Russian lesbians. Kill the Monsters is a sexy, funny, touching and expertly-crafted black and white indie gem you won’t want to miss.


Hara Kiri
An unconventional, sometimes troubling love story, Hara Kiri follows young gay punk skateboarders August and Beto (Jesse Pimentel and Mojean Aria) during what is, for all intents and purposes, their last day on Earth. These two rebellious soul mates have made a suicide pact. They just want one more day to create chaos, say goodbye to people from their past and gorge themselves on food from every conceivable fast food chain. Attempting to break common trends in gay cinema, writer-director Henry Alberto embraces “the ugly, aggressive and raw side of queer love.” Filmed on the fly in only three days, with dialog completely improvised by the performers, Hara Kiri is a wholly unique and commendably unsettling romance which shines a spotlight on a younger subset of the gay community not often seen.


Desire Will Set You Free
A gay romance with a punk/hardcore aesthetic, Desire Will Set You Free takes you deep into the free-spirited, drug-fueled queer-paradise of contemporary Berlin. Ezra (Yony Leyser), a struggling American writer, meets Sasha (Tim-Fabian Hoffmann), a Russian escort, and he introduces him to his world of clubs and parties – a dizzying and vibrant hedonistic underground. As they journey together through Berlin’s layered history and unique subcultural landscapes, their relationship begins to take a new form and inner desires threaten to disrupt everything. Fast-paced and sexy with eye-popping cinematography and production design, Desire Will Set You Free features an über-large cast of notable figures, including Amber Benson (Tara on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), “Godmother of Punk” Nina Hagen, infamous musician/performance artist Peaches and legendary gay artist/filmmaker Rosa Von Praunheim.


You Can’t Escape Lithuania
After his star actress, Indre (Irina Lavrinovic), murders her mother, rich-kid filmmaker Romas (Denisas Kolomyckis) plans her escape from Lithuania. His ridiculously hunky Mexican boyfriend Carlos (Adrian Escobar) helps them reluctantly. On the road, Romas begins shooting an improvised experimental film of their harrowing trip with his smartphone. As events take an unexpected turn, their secrets, memories and emotions make this journey wilder than any film Romas could have imagined. Stylish and supremely sexy, this gripping gay road movie comes from acclaimed gay filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas, who based it loosely on his own experiences. He funded the movie though Kickstarter… and went naked for donors to raise money (something, you’ll be happy to know, his cinematic counterpart also does in the film).

Now Streaming: These Peculiar Days

An adolescent coming of age tale, These Peculiar Days tells the story of eight friends who graduate high school and celebrate by staying in a cabin in the woods.

Just before the trip, Isabel (Sofia Sylwin) breaks up with Roman (Gerardo Del Razo) when she finds out he’s been cheating on her with Oscar (Carlos Hendrick Huber). When Roman tags along to try to win her back, it turns this pleasant weekend into a ticking time bomb that will be set off by their unstoppable sexual impulses. Soon, the lines between their sexuality begin to blur as allegiances and love affairs are quickly made and broken.

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This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


In Bloom
Two young men find their seemingly solid relationship threatened when temptations and unease begin to pull them apart. During one hot summer, blond, pot-smoking and dealing Kurt (Kyle Wigent) and cute, but moody grocery store clerk Paul (Tanner Rittenhouse) begin a committed relationship. Best pals, roommates and lovers, they have an amazing rapport. But when rich-kid Kevin (Adam Fane) enters the picture with romantic designs on Kurt, an unsatisfied longing is exposed – threatening their love in the process. A richly textured examination of gay male relationships, In Bloom is a warm, funny, intelligent, sharply-written, painfully honest, well-acted drama.


Get ready for a sexually explicit, highly erotic new drama from Scud, the acclaimed Hong Kong filmmaker behind Amphetamine, Permanent Residence, City Without Baseball and Love Actually… Sucks. Voyage centers on a young psychiatrist who embarks on a lone journey from Hong Kong, along the coast of Southeast Asia, to overcome his depression. On the sea, he records stories of people departed from this world prematurely, and reflects on the sad experiences he encountered with former patients. Meanwhile, what awaits him on the shore is the ultimate irony of life. This director always pushes boundaries and a whole lot of male nudity and explicit sex scenes… and we’re quite happy to report that Voyage is no exception. Stream it now and enjoy!


Based on first-time filmmaker Mark Blane’s own life, Cubby tells a funny and surreal tale of a young and woefully immature gay illustrator (played by Blane himself) who makes his way from his mom’s garage in Indiana to Brooklyn without a clue how to sustain himself or foster basic relationships. Alone and penniless, Mark wedges his way into his old college roommate’s crammed apartment, taking a job as a part-time babysitter. Struggling to bond with his temperamental flatmates and comically ill-equipped to even respond to flirtations from a cute neighborhood boy, Mark finds a sweet and unusual kinship in two individuals: the energetic six-year-old he babysits who ignites his creativity and a mystical leather daddy (Christian Patrick) who becomes a spiritual guide.


How long is an eternity? A few years, or as fast as the breaking of the waves at the rugged Baltic coast? Partners Andreas and Martin (Mike Hoffmann and Mathis Reinhardt) have shared all the ups and downs of life. Now that their beloved young son (played as a young child by Cai Cohrs and as a college-aged young adult by Tom Bottcher) has matured and moved out on his own, they have more free time to focus on themselves again. But when they are left alone with only themselves, will the spark still be there? A cautious approach to the traces of a long-term relationship, Paths is a remarkable achievement reminiscent of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood. It tells the full story of this central romance – a touching, deeply emotional warts-and-all examination of the deep, abiding love shared between two men, fathers and lovers. Audiences are invited into Andreas and Martin’s most touching and intimate moments – from the first kiss to the present, and everything in between.


Ramin (Arash Marandi), an Iranian refugee living in Mexico, is trying to come to terms with his past – one that has left permanent scars on his body and soul. As he strolls through the port of Veracruz – a place where transient souls collide in search of a better life – the haunting memories of his long-distance lover begin to fill his heart with a profound sense of loneliness and repentance. Ramin’s friendship with Leti (Flor Eduarda Gurrola), the young woman who runs the small hotel where he stays and teaches him Spanish, and an attraction to ex-con Guillermo help him find himself as a gay man in a new home. Written and directed by Iranian-born Mexico City resident Bani Khoshnoudi, the beautifully shot and strikingly naturalistic Fireflies won the top prize in the Ibero-American Competition at the Miami Film Festival.

This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!

A gorgeous feature-length debut from talented writer-director Nils-Erik Ekblom, Screwed takes us to the Finnish countryside for an unforgettably romantic summer. Seventeen-year-old Miku (Mikko Kauppila) is trying to come to terms with his sexuality and find his place in the world. After his parents find out that he threw a wild party while they were away, he is ordered to spend the summer with them at their cottage. A flirtation soon develops between he and Elias (Valtteri Lehtinen), the irresistible boy next door. As they spend the summer together, escaping the turmoil offered up by their uniquely dysfunctional families, a passionate relationship quickly blossoms. But the boys soon realize that love is not as easy as it seems… especially when it comes to first love.

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Directed by Charlie David, Shadowlands is a sexy new anthology film that features three different stories that exploring the erotic and the macabre. The series begins in 1928 with Alex, a plastic surgeon hell-bent on perfection, hosting a house party with an assortment of colorful guests. Amid romantic misfires it becomes apparent that the only person Alex is interested in is himself. Fast forward to 1951 where we meet a gay military couple exploring the idea of opening their relationship while on a remote camping trip… where they meet a mysterious stranger. The stories conclude in 2018 when a painter, mourning the loss of his lover, becomes obsessed with creating a realistic painting of him. The resulting piece is so beautiful and life-like that he is drawn under its dangerous spell.

Like You Mean It
In the remarkable relationship drama Like You Mean It, first-time writer-director Philipp Karner (who also stars in the film) deftly captures the challenges of life in Los Angeles through the eyes of a disillusioned actor named Mark. Having spent years auditioning for bit parts, Mark questions whether he’s masculine enough for Hollywood’s leading-man criteria. His relationship with Jonah (Denver Milord), a sweet-natured musician and unfailingly supportive boyfriend, is on the verge of collapse, and nostalgia for happier times only makes their current troubles worse. As they attempt to reignite their intimacy through sex, drugs and therapy, Mark is forced to confront his own self-worth within the vast and notoriously isolating City of Angels.

This stylish film from prolific director Marco Berger (the same guy behind Hawaii, Plan B, Sexual Tension: Volatile and Testosterone) follows Martin (Bromance star Javier De Pietro), a knowingly, even aggressively sexual sixteen-year-old locks his seductive sights on Sebastian (Carlos Echevarría), his recently engaged, thirty-something swimming instructor. Faking an injury, Martin manages to trick his teacher into letting him spend the night at his apartment. As Sebastian begins to realize the possible sexual interest on the part of his student, he is conflicted. He is dismissive, but his curiosity is piqued by the boy’s overt advances. Though he knows it’s wrong, the increasingly troubled Sebastian soon beings questioning his own feelings for young Martin. Winner of the coveted Teddy Award for Best Feature Film at the Berlin Film Festival, Absent is not a simple boy-meets-boy drama. It’s a taut, and at times, incredible sexy drama of repressed passion, guilt and regret. There are no easy answers in this edgy sexual thriller.

Fire Island ’79
In 1957 Chase was just sixteen-years-old when he moved to New York City. He worked sporadically as an actor, set designer, photographer, hustler, etc. before discovering his true passion: film making.. His films were widely acclaimed in experimental/underground/art film circles but deemed pornographic and obscene by mainstream critics, the police and the courts. Chase proudly described himself not as an artist but as a pornographer. Chase committed suicide on December 31st, 1979. All of his films were destroyed by his ultra-conservative family. Recently 3 rolls of unprocessed super 8 home movies were found of his last summer on Fire Island. Also recovered was the tape from Chase’s answering machine. This seven-minute short film from co-directors Todd Verow and Patrick McGuinn is a dark, experimental celebration of dark, experimental underground film.

This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!

Alpha Delta Zatan
Starring an all-male of cast of staggeringly attractive, underwear-clad up-and-comers (including Jeremy Winter, Jake Kidwell, Connor Field, Drake Malone and R&B singer Eleaze), Alpha Delta Zatan delivers audiences a fun, sensual spin on the “sorority massacre” sub-genre of horror flicks. A goofy but noble young college kid is pleasantly surprised to learn that he’s been invited to join his school’s most exclusive fraternity house. Unfortunately, he’s about to discover that there is something far scarier than hazing rituals in his future. His new frat brothers seem to keep going missing. In this house, no one can be trusted and no one is safe… especially one the masked, knife-wielding slasher shows up. Funny, sexy and scary, this new low-budget horror treat is a new TLA Exclusive on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s also available to stream right now.

Following one man through two timelines, Boys, the newest feature from director Christophe Charrier, is a gripping and compassionate study of first love and the lingering sting of loss. We first meet Jonas (BPM: Beats Per Minute star Felix Maritaud) in the present, where he’s having a rough go of it. He’s prone to starting fights at the local gay bar, and his boyfriend has had enough of his infidelity and alcohol-soaked antics. His volatile behavior may stem from a traumatic incident in his past. The film flashes back to 1997, where Jonas (played as a high school kid by Nicolas Bauwens) meets Nathan (Tommy Lee Baik), the rebellious new student who will become his crush. The boys venture into the night on their first date unaware that it’s about to change their lives forever. Don’t miss this searing mystery.

I Miss You When I See You
When a spark from the past shakes up Jamie’s present, will he follow his heart or society’s expectations? Best friends in high school, Kevin and Jamie’s emotional attachment and feeling for one other were cut abruptly short by Kevin’s departure to Australia with his mother. Flash forward a dozen years later. Jamie tracks down Kevin in Australia. The reunion with his best friend reminds Kevin – suffering from depression – of his youthful ambitions. He soon decides to return to Hong Kong. Jamie, though, is in a steady relationship with his girlfriend. When he finds his feelings for Kevin reawakened and growing stronger, he’s forced to make an important choice about their shared future.

Available Light
Available Light is a sexy, funny and even sometimes disturbing experimental feature film by prolific writer/director/actor/artist Todd Verow – the same guy behind Frisk, Anonymous, Vacationland and Bad Boy Street. The film follows numerous unconnected people in different cities as they try to escape their loneliness through love, lust or some combination of both. The film was shot in real locations using only available light (hence the title). The viewer is both a voyeur, watching the characters in intimate situations that are not meant to be seen, and an active participant, imagining what the characters are going through and making connections between them that may or may not be real. And, as anyone who is familiar with Verow’s previous work could probably guess, there is plenty of hot male flesh on display.

Naples in Veils
Though it concerns a straight affair, this new film from maverick queer director Ferzan Ozpetek has a subtle gay sensibility we think you will appreciate. Also, there’s a lot of tasteful, lovingly rendered male nudity! During a party, Adriana (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) crosses the seductive and powerful look of Andrea (Alessandro Borghi), a charming and self-confident young man. They are immediately attracted to each other and spend a passionate night together. Adriana begins to think this could be the beginning of a great love that could change her life. They agree to meet the next day, but Andrea doesn’t show up. Disappointed, Adriana goes back to her normal life, but an unexpected breakthrough comes: Andrea is suddenly found dead. Wrecked and in shock and dragged to the center of an investigation with disturbing outlines, Adriana feels all her certainties undermined and slips into the most secret area of her personality, from which there seems no possibility or escape.