This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY!


Jump, Darling
The late, great Cloris Leachman delivers one of her finest film roles in this moving, critically-acclaimed comedy-drama. Jump, Darling follows Russell (Thomas Duplessie), an up-and-coming drag performer who, on the run from his boyfriend, escapes to the country and into the arms of Margaret, his aging grandmother (Leachman). As Margaret fights to avoid being put in a home, Russell decides to move in and help. He also takes to the stage once more, using a local bar to showcase his glamorous skills and strike up a new romance with an attractive bartender. An award-winning film festival hit with humor and heart to spare, Jump, Darling is a true must-see about love, family and maintaining your dignity – no matter what your age is.


He Loves Me
Director Konstantinos Menelaou‘s sexually explicit relationship drama He Loves Me is an exploration of the unconventional nature of love and its ability to survive against the fear of loneliness, psychological traumas and the problems that come with life in the big city. The collapsing relationship shared by two men finds an outlet for escape on an isolated beach. Once there, they feel free to expose their deepest emotions. Their wounded relationship might not survive the vacation, but it’s certainly a glorious place to feel things out. Super-sexy lead actors Sanuye Shoteka and Hermes Pittakos were a real-life couple at the time that He Loves Me was shot – and the script was greatly influenced by their relationship.


Jess & James
Jess (Martin Karich) is a bohemian youth with secrets to hide from his shrewd parents. James (Nicolas Romeo) feels trapped living with his irritable mother. After meeting for a sexual encounter, the two young men set off on a spontaneous road trip across rural Argentina to reunite with Jess’ estranged brother. On their journey, they confront strange occurrences and engage in a ménage à trois affair that brings them closer. Their newly found affection grows, all while discovering a fresh vision of freedom and happiness. From talented writer-director Santiago Giralt Jess & James is a sexually charged road-trip movie, a love story and a coming-of-age tale, all set against the mythical landscape of the Argentinian Pampas.


Blurred Lines
Janik and Samuel (Emil von Schonfels and Mekyas Mulugeta) are best friends who are enjoying their final year of high school. Though they share a tight bond, they come from different worlds. Janik’s parents are responsible and somewhat uptight. Samuel comes from a broken home. The two teens seem to want what the other has. While Samuel looks for order and discipline, Janik seeks out chaos in his day-to-day life. When a thoughtless incident puts their relationship in jeopardy, the pair decide to leave Germany and set off on a long-planned trip to Istanbul. While there, the boys look to enjoy their freedom, try out a new life and figure out the true depths of their friendship. Blurred Lines is a sexy and thought-provoking drama.


A gorgeous debut from director Nils-Erik Ekblom, Screwed takes us to the Finnish countryside for an unforgettably romantic summer. Seventeen-year-old Miku (Mikko Kauppila) is trying to come to terms with his sexuality and find his place in the world. After his parents find out that he threw a wild party while they were away, he is ordered to spend the summer with them at their cottage. A flirtation soon develops between he and Elias (Valtteri Lehtinen), the irresistible boy next door. As they spend the summer together, escaping the turmoil offered up by their uniquely dysfunctional families, a passionate relationship quickly blossoms. But the boys soon realize that love is not as easy as it seems… especially when it comes to first love.

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