Just Came Out: Twilight’s Kiss

From acclaimed director Ray Yeung (Front Cover, Cut Sleeve Boys), Twilight’s Kiss (originally titled Suk Suk) presents the story of two closeted married men in their twilight years.

One day 70-year old Pak (Tai-Bo), a taxi driver who refuses to retire, meets 65-year old Hoi (Ben Yuen), a retired single father, in a park. Despite years of societal and personal pressure, they are proud of the families they have created through hard work and determination. Yet in that brief initial encounter, something is unleashed in them which had been suppressed for so many years. As both men recount and recall their personal histories, they also contemplate a possible future together.

Watch the trailer for Twilight’s Kiss below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD.


The But I’m a Cheerleader: Director’s Cut is Coming Soon to Blu-ray!

A LGBTQ+ classic, this candy-colored comedy of sexual discovery chronicles the life of Megan (Natasha Lyonne) a typical teenager coming of age in anything but typical fashion. Megan’s super normal suburban existence is filled with friends, pom-poms and rah-rah enthusiasm… until her straight-laced parents (Mink Stole and Bud Cort) suspect that their “little poodle” may, in fact, be showing deviant lesbian tendencies!

In a complete panic, Megan’s parents elicit the of a rehabilitation camp called True Directions, run under the strict, all-seeing eyes of the sadistic anti-gay Mary (Cathy Moriarty). Megan dutifully gets with the deprogramming so she can quickly return to her life, but the presence of Graham (Clea Duvall) keeps her from forgetting who she truly is.

RuPaul, Melanie Lynskey, Michelle Williams, Eddie Cibrian, Katharine Towne, Richard Moll, Julie Delpy and more also co-star in this beloved comedy!

Watch the trailer for the new Director’s Cut of But I’m a Cheerleader below and click here to pre-order your copy. It is being released on June 1st.


Note: The Director’s Cut is available on the Blu-ray only. The DVD features only the original theatrical cut of the film.


Out This Week: Why Not You

The emotional new gay drama Why Not You follows Mario (Thomas Prenn), a sensitive and somewhat self-destructive young dancer, who finds difficulty in the day-to-day life of his small Italian village.

At a local festival, Mario he reunites with Lenz (Noah Saavedra), a former childhood friend who left town long ago. Instantly, old memories and suppressed feelings rise to the surface. Mario quickly becomes fixated on Lenz, who is now living out his dreams as an actor in Rome.

Inspired, Mario decides to follow his friend to the Italian capital. When they meet in a gay bar, it becomes painfully clear that Lenz does not reciprocate his feelings. The night takes a far more tragic turn when armed men rush in and Lenz falls victim to their attack. Escaping unharmed, Mario’s life will be forever altered by the incident and the loss that follows.

The debut feature of writer-director Evi Romen, Why Not You is a challenging character drama, following a disoriented young man who senses that he must find a place for himself in the world.

Watch the trailer for Why Not You below and click here to order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting this week.


NSFW Trailer Alert: Bare

“It’s not only an erotic nudity. It’s important to mention it. And it’s not an obscene nudity. It’s a nudity which is beautiful. Voila!” – Thierry Smits

A provocative, sexy and visually-stunning new documentary from director Aleksandr M. Vinogradov, Bare follows acclaimed Belgian choreographer Thierry Smits through the process of creating Anima Ardens, his newest stage production featuring eleven completely naked male performers.

In between breathtaking dance sequences, Bare reveals the artistic collaboration and conflict between choreographer and company as they build an avant-garde piece steeped in dark, primal energy and ritual. Together, they address questions of body politics, gender, censorship and a variety of taboo subjects. The film also traces the arduous process of auditioning, rehearsing and opening a new dance piece – which is apparently even harder when you’re totally nude!


Watch the trailer for Bare and click here to pre-order your copy of the film. It’s coming to DVD and VOD June 22nd.


Jon Garcia, creator of The Falls Trilogy, is back with the powerful gay prison romance Luz

What begins as a friendship turns into a fiercely powerful romance in Luz, a heart-wrenching new gay prison drama from Jon Garcia, the acclaimed writer-director behind The Falls Trilogy.

Ruben and Carlos (Ernesto Reyes and Jesse Tayeh) are cellmates. In the beginning, they form something of a mentorship. Though he appears, at first, to be the kind of tough guy you don’t want to mess with, Carlos slowly reveals his tender side to Ruben – and their attraction to one another becomes undeniable.

Luz is a stirring, sexy and deeply emotional story of survival – not only for the lives of both lead characters, but for their relationship as it transitions to the world outside of their cell. Were Ruben and Carlos just filling the void of loneliness during lock-up, or were they truly locked in love?

Watch the trailer for Luz below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD later this month. And, if you haven’t seen them, you can check out Jon Garcia‘s amazing trilogy (The Falls, The Falls: Testament of Love and The Falls: Covenant of Grace) on-demand. We also have The Falls Trilogy available on DVD, including all three films in one box-set.


Sordid Lives creator Del Shores is back with Six Characters in Search of a Play

Sordid Lives creator Del Shores‘ new one-man show, directed by Emerson Collins, proves once and for all that he is not a writer, he’s a self-proclaimed thief!

In Six Characters In Search Of A Play, riffing on Pirandello’s classic title, Shores brings to life six one-of-a-kind characters he has met in real life that haven’t quite made it into one of his plays, films or TV shows.  In 90 minutes, the audience will hear the truth behind how he collected these eccentrics and their stories as he portrays his hilarious, off-the-rails encounters with them.

Shores‘ career took off with the play Daddy’s Dyin’ (Who’s Got The Will?) in 1987, which ran two years, winning many Los Angeles theatre awards, including LA Weekly’s Best Production and Best Writing. The play has subsequently been produced in over 2,500 theatres worldwide. A movie version of Daddy’s Dyin’ was released in 1990 by MGM starring Beau Bridges, Tess Harper, Judge Reinhold, Keith Carradine and Beverly D’Angelo. Shores wrote the screenplay and executive produced the film.

Sordid Lives, his fourth play, opened in Los Angeles in 1996 and ran 13 sold-out months. The play went on to win 14 Drama-Logue Theatre Awards, including three for Shores for wring, directing and producing. There have since been over 300 additional stage productions of the play. In 1999, he wrote and directed the film version of Sordid Lives starring Beau Bridges, Delta Burke, Olivia Newton-John, Bonnie Bedelia, Leslie Jordan and Beth Grant along with most of the cast from the play. Opening in only eight theatres across the country, the little film that could took in nearly two million dollars in its limited release. The movie has since become a cult phenomenon and solidified Shores reputation as a gay comedy master (and, as some have put it, “minor gay celebrity”). The film also spawned a TV series and the follow-up A Very Sordid Wedding.

Watch the trailer for Six Characters in Search of a Play below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and VOD in June. We also have two more of Shores’ one-man shows – My Sordid Life and Sordid Confessions – available on-demand.


Coming Soon: The Obituary of Tunde Johnson





From director Ali LeRoi, the riveting, critically-acclaimed new drama The Obituary of Tunde Johnson follows a wealthy, Nigerian-American teen (Steven Silver) who is pulled over by police, shot to death and immediately awakens – reliving the same day over and over, trapped in a terrifying time loop that makes him to confront difficult truths about his life and himself.

Written four years ago by Nigerian-born creator Stanley Kalu when he was a student at USC, the screenplay for The Obituary of Tunde Johnson was the winner of 2018 THE LAUNCH: Million Dollar Screenplay Competition, designed to find the next generation of great screenwriters from around the world. Winning the competition came with a $50,000 education grant, literary representation and the promise his screenplay would be produced as a feature film with a budget of at least $1 million.

This bold, piercing and profoundly emotional new drama had its World Premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival in September 2019, was one of eight films awarded the prestigious Next Wave designation, opened the Austin Film Festival a month later, and won the Audience Award for the best Debut Narrative Feature at the 2020 L.A. Outfest.


Watch the trailer for The Obituary of Tunde Johnson below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting May 11th.


Coming Soon: My Dead Ones

The debut feature of Brazilian writer-director Diego Freitas, My Dead Ones is a subtly homoerotic new psychological thriller about burgeoning sexuality, murderous revenge and obsession.

Davi (Nicolas Prattes) is a shy film student who spends most of his life behind a camera, viewing the world as an observer instead of a participant. His life starts to change when he meets Jonates (Andre Hendges), an alluring man who brings the young voyeur out of his shell and makes him feel like he’s worthy of love. Their budding relationship is threatened, however, by a spate of gruesome murders… which have a connection to Davi’s troubled past. When news spreads of a killer on campus, his worlds collide and the truth finally comes out.

Watch the trailer for My Dead Ones below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting May 25th.


Altered Innocence: Vol. 1 collects nearly three hours of cutting egde queer film content!

The kick-ass cult video label Altered Innocence has been dedicated to releasing LGBTQ and coming-of-age films with an artistic edge since their inception in 2015. With a library of features and shorts from around the world – mixing genre with art-house and everything in between – Altered Innocence is committed to curating an esoteric library that is without peer in the current cinema landscape.

Nearly three hours of LGBTQ and coming-of-age short films and music videos await you in the debut of Altered Innocence‘s cinematic mixtape supreme: Altered Innocence: Vol. 1! Films from established auteurs like Peter Strickland (The Duke of BurgundyIn Fabric), Cam Archer (Wild Tigers I Have Known), João Nicolau (From John) and Yann Gonzalez (You and the NightKnife+Heart) join fresh new voices such as Alexis Langlois, Shaun Hughes, Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel. Cruising, dancing, naked wrestling, trans terrorism, first love, bullies, femme faltales, band practice and much, much more is in store!

The films and videos included are “Our Time” (Imperial Teen) by Cam Archer (New HD Restoration), Gabber Lover by Anna Cazenave CambetDoors Cut Down by Antonio Hens (HD Restoration), “Les Vacances Continuent” (Perez) by Yann GonzalezAfter School Knife Fight by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan VinelBunny by Shaun HughesGUO4 by Peter StricklandTerror, Sisters! by Alexis Langlois, “Niemand” (Kompromat) by Bertrand MandicoGambozinos (Wild Haggis) by João Nicolau and Jakt (Hunt) by Gjertrud Maria Bergaust.


Watch the trailer for Altered Innocence: Vol. 1 below and click here to pre-order your copy. The collection is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on May 25th!


Out This Week: Dancing on the Dark Side of the Moon

Picture this if you will: A futuristic lighthouse floating through dark space. Aboard this lighthouse is a Spirit Guide and his two younglings Alexi and Micah. These three spiritual beings are on an unusual journey. When the curious Alexi asks what his life will be like on Earth, the Spirit Guide is compelled to show him. He knows that dark forces are at hand and Alexi may indeed never be born at all. The Guide reluctantly shows him moments in time where we find Alexi’s family in deep turmoil… where dark secrets abound.

Along the Journey, we are introduced to a man simply referred to as “Him”. This character serves as our narrator, a charismatic wise guy enjoying a steak dinner at his favorite Italian eatery. But this caporegime may be more important than he seems. Is he simply narrating or controlling the events himself?

If this sounds like a page pulled out of “The Twilight Zone,” you would be right. Just add a large dose of David Lynch-esque sensibilities and the pervasive casual (and not so casual) nudity and sex that are synonymous with Babaloo Studios. We welcome you to join us on this unusual journey. Enjoy Dancing on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Check out the (and very NSFW) trailer for Dancing on the Dark Side of the Moon below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.