The romantic 18-minute gay short film Sacrifice is now available on-demand!

Created and written by lead actor Leigh Smith, the new 18-minute short film Sacrifice follows two protagonists as they enter a new phase in their relationship. James (Smith), a humanitarian rights lawyer, and Blake (Jesse Everett), a military officer, are continually torn apart by their overwhelming sense of duty – and their struggle to lead a “normal and quiet life.” They love each other unconditionally, but their sense of duty is equally as important to both them, especially due to Blake’s military background.

Sacrifice aims to show that love is the greatest sacrifice of all, regardless of race, gender and everything in between. The film also pays tribute to those in the military history of Australia who were unrecognized in their service due to their sexuality prior to the fundamental mind-shift in regulations. Director Anna Maguire brings an incredible sense of vision and understanding to the poignant issues outlined in the story of James and Blake.

Check out the trailer for Sacrifice below and click here to watch the film. It’s available now to rent or download at TLAgay!


Now Available On-Demand: Your Eyes on Me

Working on her final show, the much-loved and popular drag artist, Gloria (Paul Stone), finds herself auditioning Kandi (Jean-Philippe Boriau), a young French dancer. Gloria and Kandi have more in common than they could ever imagine. They find themselves stuck in an emotional waltz where past and present blend together into one future.


A deeply promising debut feature from writer-director Sergei Alexander, Your Eyes on Me has earned rave reviews. Film & TV Now called it “Compactly structured with an effectively shocking revelation which confounds the very core of emotions.”


Watch the trailer for Your Eyes on Me below and click here to watch the film on-demand. It is now available to rent or download at TLAgay.


The stylish short film Tooth 4 Tooth is available to stream in time for Halloween!

“I think we’re entering another age of hate… and there are those that thrive in such times.”


While investigating the murder of a friend, a drag artist and an activist find themselves caught in an old war between those who feed on the blood of the fearful and those who feed on the blood of the hateful.


A stylish 13-minute film from short horror director Matthew Maio Mackay and our friends at Mattioli Productions, Tooth 4 Tooth is available now on-demand – just in time for Halloween – at TLAgay. Watch the trailer below and click here to rent or download the film.


The stylish short doc A Queer City is now available on-demand

From Mattioli Productions and director George Hellings, the new short documentary A Queer City focuses on three young drag artists as they navigate the rising drag scene in Norwich, a place where their actions appear to be going unnoticed by the rest of the world.

The film’s colorful subjects open up about what their drag means to them and how, by finding a welcoming group of people in Norwich with similar attitudes and camp sensibilities, they have been able to express their queerness and identity freely through performance and visual artistry. Despite sometimes finding it difficult to find their way as marginalized individuals, they have hopes for a future they plan on carving themselves as a close-knit new wave of creatives.

Check out the trailer for A Queer City below and click here to watch the film. It’s now available for rental or digital download at TLAgay.


Watch the trailer for the wildly original new queer horror short Innocent Boy

Off a lonely Texas highway, a group of hustlers prey on the desperados who come for sex and drugs. When a murderous cowboy (Kamy D. Bruder) rolls into town, Penny (Unique Jenkins), a young trans boy sees an opportunity to feed the emotional hunger that has long been ignored by his neglectful Momma (Michael Vincent Berry). As the boys fall one-by-one, Penny is caught between the Cowboy’s lustful rage, and the greed and corruption that Momma represents.


An expertly-crafted short film debut from writer-director Brock Cravy, Innocent Boy is a wild, colorful, shocking and original vision of queer horror. Watch the trailer below and click here to rent or download the film now at TLAgay.


Now Available On-Demand: Neon Boys

Unable to land a job after being in jail, Shawn (Matty Gliteratti) decides to make ends meet by working as an erotic dancer. While trying to get his life back on track he spirals back into drugs and looks for another dance, Ricky (co-director Jonathan Salazar), for companionship and falls in love with a man for the first time.

Co-directed by Mattioli Productions founder AJ Mattioli, this new short film has charm and sex appeal to spare. Check out the trailer for Neon Boys below. The film is now available on-demand!

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Don’t miss the sexy, stylish and provocative new short film MASS

In the brand-new 12-minute short film MASS, Trey (writer-director-star Linus Ignatius) finds his usual body dysmorphia is compounded by the fact that he is HIV-positive, and pretty freshly diagnosed. He’s soon stuck in the middle of a perfect storm of “I am not enough” feelings.

At night, he invites a macho, joyless man over to take advantage of him in the bedroom, and we see how Trey, in his self-loathing, brings people into his life who abuse him – reinforcing his role as the victim.

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We’re thrilled to welcome Mattioli Productions to our streaming selection!

Mattioli Productions is a trans-owned full service production company that serves the LGBTQ community by telling their stories through groundbreaking, globally distributed work. Their creative and ambitious works span several genres including comedy, drama, horror, documentary, music videos and reality TV audition reels. Their goal is “to produce content that genuinely represents the LGBTQ community while keeping our stories our own, and increasing our visibility in mainstream media.”

The company is headed by namesake AJ Mattioli, a Queens-born, NYC based, trans producer/director with 16+ years in the entertainment industry. His work has been celebrated at the Queens Museum, The United Nations, The NY Times, The Advocate, Huffington Post, Gay Star News and many others! As a go-to trans producer for queer filmmaking, he’s worked with some of the hottest LGBTQ+ celebs, including Sasha Velour, Shakina Nayfack, Bob The Drag Queen, Cory Wade, Rain Dove, Vincent DePaul, Carmen Carerra, Miss Fame and many more.

AJ’s 2019 credits included the queer slasher horror-comedy Killer Unicorn, and the short films Hopelessly, How to Fold a Fitted Sheet and Neon Boys. 2020 will bring a #MeToo-focused thriller called Guys at Parties Like It and the short films S&M Records, A Single Evening and Role of a Lifetime. Keep an eye out for those and check out the selection of titles below – all available now at TLAgay!

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