Out This Week: Tu Me Manques

“A moving and intellectually rewarding testament to queer life and loss.” – The New York Times

Tu Me Manques is a triumph, not only because of the bold and creative choices it makes to tell its story, but also for its urgent message of acceptance.” – Remezcla

“Emotional and raw, this is a film which will affect your. Deeply.” – Orca Sound


With the new film Tu Me Manques, director Rodrigo Bellott adapts his own stage play – a theatrical sensation in Bolivia – into an emotional exploration of three men’s struggles to reconcile identity and heritage.

Following the untimely death of his son, Jorge (Oscar Martínez) travels from conservative Bolivia to New York City to confront Gabriel’s boyfriend Sebastian (Fernando Barbosa). While the two battle over Jorge’s inability to accept his son, Sebastian channels his grief into a bold new play in honor of his lost love, in which Gabriel’s inner turmoil is transformed into an eye-popping gay fantasia.


A powerful LGBTQ drama about being one’s true self and finding acceptance, Tu Me Manques was the Official Selection from Bolivia for Academy Award consideration – a landmark achievement for a country with a notorious reputation for homophobia.


Watch the trailer for Tu Me Manques below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting July 13th.


This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at TLAgay.com has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY!


Rapture in Blue
Like a David Lynch thriller filmed through a queer lens, writer-director Ryder Houston‘s Rapture in Blue follows a young man’s quest through flickering neon and hazy shadows to find his true self. After Jason (Bryce Lederer) tries to use his childhood home for a steamy rendezvous with his girlfriend, they discover it’s been newly occupied by the smoldering Sebastian (Tanner Garmon), who eagerly warms up to anxious Jason. Wracked with desires he’s long ignored while also being pressured by his girlfriend’s sensual advances, a growing sense of unease and dread permeates his life. After receiving an “impossible” photo of him embracing Sebastian, Jason realizes he needs to confront the madness consuming him from all sides.


The Lawyer
Life just drifts by for corporate lawyer Marius (Eimutis Kvosciauskas)… until he finds an unexpected connection with the dark and handsome Ali (Dogac Yildiz), an incredibly attractive young Syrian refugee who makes his living as a sex-cam worker. After Marius’s estranged father passes away, his infatuation intensifies. It isn’t long before he’s completely obsessed. He inevitably flies to Belgrade to meet Ali with in person, in hopes of a romantic week with his sexy Arab prince. Although, off-camera, things might not be exactly as they seemed. An intense romantic drama, The Lawyer is the newest film from prolific filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas, the same writer-director behind Porno Melodrama and You Can’t Escape Lithuania.


Following one man through two timelines, Boys is a gripping and compassionate study of first love and the lingering sting of loss. We first meet Jonas (BPM: Beats Per Minute, Sauvage/Wild and Knife+Heart star Felix Maritaud) in the present. He’s prone to starting fights at the local gay bar and his boyfriend has had enough of his infidelity and alcohol-soaked antics. His volatile behavior may stem from a traumatic incident in his past. The film flashes back to 1997, where Jonas (played as a high school kid by Nicolas Bauwens) meets Nathan (Tommy Lee Baik), the rebellious new student who will become his crush. The boys venture into the night on their first date unaware that it’s about to change their lives forever.


Seat in Shadow
Out of the imagination of acclaimed artist-filmmaker Henry Coombes comes Albert (played by co-screenwriter David Sillars), an eccentric, aging painter doubling as an unconventional, Jung-inspired psychotherapist. When Albert’s friend asks him to counsel her lethargic grandson Ben (Jonathan Leslie), whose ongoing boyfriend problems are rapidly fueling an already deep depression, their subsequent therapy sessions reveal as much about Albert as they do about the troubled young man. Coombes‘ debut feature, Seat in Shadow is a witty, perceptive and surprisingly graphic study of social mores, sexual excess and the bizarre, symbiotic relationship between doctor and patient; teacher and pupil; artist and muse.


Handsome middle class Manuel (Patrico Ramos), hurt by his previous relationship and bored being alone, meets Julio (Mario Veron), a rugged, lonely, unemployed young man in a chat room. The two eventually meet up in person and the sexual spark is quickly ignited. And while the sex is satisfying and frequent, it is their collective problems with intimacy, trust and the fear of being hurt that make them hesitant to commit fully. As their relationship develops, both reveal secrets from their past but these revelations might be real, imagined or outright lies. Who is being truthful, who is real, and who truly loves the other? All is revealed in this romantic, passionate drama/thriller that offers a shocking, strangely satisfying conclusion.

Go backstage at Las Vegas’s black male revue show in Black Magic Live: Stripped

The new documentary Black Magic Live: Stripped offers viewers a trip behind the scenes of Las Vegas’ only Black male revue show – and into the often complicated lives of its male stars.

Through the eyes of its owners, Eurika Pratts and Jean Claude LaMarre, we are taken on a fantastical journey through Black Magic Live. This film explores the challenges the show and its core group of dancers have experienced during their four years on the Las Vegas Strip. While trying to establish their presence in sin city, the all-black show and its dancers and staff are met with racial prejudice, fierce competition and a series of emotional pitfalls as they struggle in the city.

Among others, the film introduces us to Allen “LoverBoy” Hayward, the most senior dancer, who struggles with the reality that his time may be coming to an end. We also meet Jetorious “King” Morris, a former NFL prospect, who saw his dream vanish after experiencing a career-ending injury and discovering stripping as a fallback career. There is also Jimmy “Lockz” Sigmond, a Vegas transplant from neighboring Los Angeles, who served seven years in prison before becoming a Black Magic Live dancer.

Watch the trailer for Black Magic Live: Stripped below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD September 21st.


The New Director’s Cut of Another Gay Movie is Now Available On-Demand!

Andy Wilson (Michael Carbonaro) is your typical All-American seventeen-year-old gay virgin. Like everyone else, he’s dying to have sex. Totally out of the closet and mad crazy horny, this naïve high school senior is caught in that awkward vortex between child and adult.

Much to the dismay of his mom, Mrs. Wilson (Lypsinka) – who wonders why all her carrots and cucumbers keep disappearing – Andy spends much of his private time practicing for the big moment when he’ll finally take the plunge. What follows is a raunchy ride on the bumpy road to virginity loss. Along the way, the film spoofs not only American Pie and gay movies like The Broken Hearts Club and director Todd Stephens‘ own Edge of Seventeen, but the entire gay lifestyle is up for skewering.

Originally released in 2006, Another Gay Movie has become a raunchy gay comedy classic. To celebrate the film’s 15th anniversary, Breaking Glass Pictures is releasing an extra special 15-Year Anniversary Director’s Cut which promised to be even weirder and wilder than the version we’re come to know and love. This special edition includes an introduction and audio commentary by Todd Stephens, a staged script reading, original audition tapes, interviews, Nancy Sinatra‘s making of the music video Another Gay Sunshine Day and much, much more!

You can watch the original trailer for Another Gay Movie below. Also make sure to check out our extensive (NSFW) photo gallery. Click here to rent or download the Another Gay Movie: 15-Year Anniversary Directors Cut. The film is now available on-demand

You can also watch the star-studded follow-up Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild (featuring RuPaul, Lady Bunny, Scott Thompson, Perez Hilton, Brent Corrigan, Colton Ford and more) right now on-demand at TLAgay!



A one-night stand becomes a romance in the charming gay comedy Here Comes Your Man

What begins as a simple Grindr hookup blossoms into a very unlikely romance between two young men in the charming and poignant new gay romantic comedy-drama Here Comes Your Man.

When Jordan (Calvin Picou) and Aaron (Jason Alan Clark) meet in person after exchanging pics and pleasantries on a hook-up app, it’s nervous attraction at first sight. Their initial tryst is fraught with the kind awkward tension that suggests they might not be a perfect match. On top of that, Aaron is unaware that Jordan is, for all intents and purposes, “straight.” Confused about his sexuality and faking his way through a hetero relationship, Jordan blocks Aaron’s number. When they run into each other in a gay bar weeks later, the truth comes out… and they both find that there is something undeniable about their strange romantic chemistry.

A charming, funny, sexy and refreshingly realistic new 5-episode series from creator/director Omar Salas Zamora, Here Comes Your Man takes us through the entirety of Aaron and Jordan’s tumultuous relationship, jumping father forward in time with each successive episode to show us the most pivotal moments.

Watch the trailer for Here Comes Your Man below and click here to order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting this week.


Out This Week: Sublet

Starring the Tony Award-winning and Emmy-nominated John Benjamin Hickey and featuring the impressive debut of Israeli actor Niv Nissim, the charming new comedy-drama Sublet focuses on Michael (Hickey), a travel columnist for The New York Times, who goes to Tel Aviv to write an article after suffering a tragedy. He is still grieving – and the loss has caused problems between him and his husband.

Michael He just wants to do his research and go home. But when he sublets an apartment from Tomer (Nissim), a young film student, he finds himself drawn into the life of the city. The unlikely and intense bond he forms with him transforms both their lives in unexpected ways.

Sublet is a smart, sexy, funny, touching, thought-provoking and ultimately life-affirming indie gem from acclaimed writer-director Eytan Fox, the same man behind the critically-acclaimed gay films Yossi & Jagger and Walk on Water.

Watch the trailer for Sublet below and click here to order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting this week.


This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at TLAgay.com has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY!


Ernesto (Federico Russo) is a teenager who wanders, in search of himself, through the streets of Rome. Chapter after chapter, time passes – and people just seem to disappear. But he continues to live impromptu relationships, causing pain to himself and to others. Taking refuge in his happy moments and in political ideologies, he believes he can save his soul from suffering… although life will make him to grow and move forward. Directed by partners Alice De Luca and Giacomo Raffaelli under their joint creative banner Freeres, Ernesto was shot in the 4:3 aspect ratio to give viewers a sense of the fragments of the lead character’s life – as if the film you’re watching were a lengthy re-working of the protagonist’s own memories.


Doors Cut Down
Guillermo (Israel Rodriguez) seems like your average high school student, but he’s hiding a secret. In private, he’s become an expert at cruising the mall for gay sex. Always looking for a new trick, he even resorts to seducing his much older English tutor. When he finally meets the hottest guy he’s ever seen, a man who may mean more to him than just a hot fuck, Guillermo finds himself suddenly conflicted. Newly restored in High Definition, this sexy 18-minute comedy is back to thrill audiences. A massive hit on the film festival circuit at the time of its release Doors Cut Down caused quite a controversy due to its frank and graphic depiction of a young man’s sexual exploration. It has become something of a gay short film classic.


I Am Happiness on Earth
Julián Hernández, one of Mexico’s premier gay filmmakers (Raging Sun, Raging Sky), wrote and directed this steamy tale of a film director struggling to find the barrier between his sexually charged reality and his equally arousing cinematic creations. Will lead character Emiliano (Hugo Catalan) be able to sustain his relationship, or will his lust for beauty and meaning lead him elsewhere? Furious couplings between gorgeous men include an exhilaratingly explicit play-within-a-play. An explosively sexy and heady film Hernández’s boldly poetic romance compares with such films as Fellini’s , Godard’s Contempt and others exploring the connections between love, sex, creativity and filmmaking.


Take a peak under the surface of any gay man… and who knows what you’ll find? Originally conceived as a web-series, but collected into an anthology film by writer-director Mark Bessenger (The Last Straight Man, Bite Marks), the unique and wildly entertaining Confessions features ten individual segments, each four-to-fifteen minutes in length, in which numerous gay male characters disclose various secrets from the recesses of their psyches. Each segment utilizes a different storytelling genre – there’s something here for fans of comedy, horror, drama, romance, musicals and more. The cast also includes many faces that will be familiar to gay movie fans like Peter Stickles, Mark Cirillo and Dylan Vox.


Caught in a Landslide
A young man embarks on a journey through his mind. Through a combination of pharmaceuticals and alcohol, Jay (Wade Radford) walks through memories of true love and attempts to understand his broken heart. Nightly, his resident ghost appears – conjuring up visions of a lost summer romance; continuously taunting him with the opportunity to speak words previously unspoken. Jay wrestles with the past to separate fact from fiction, trying desperately to cast out the specter of emotional torment. In a film that combines imagery, poetry and the reality of loss, Caught in a Landslide takes the viewer from the beauty of England’s garden landscapes to the darkness of a heartbroken mind.

Trailblazing choreographer Bill T. Jones asks Can You Bring It? in this emotional new doc

Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters brings to life the creative process that culminated in choreographer-dancer-director Bill T. Jones‘s tour de force ballet D-Man in the Waters, one of the most important works of art to come out of the AIDS crisis.

In 1989, D-Man in the Waters gave physical manifestation to the fear, anger, grief and hope for salvation that the emerging Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company (both partners at the time) felt as they were embattled by the AIDS epidemic.

As a group of young dancers in the present re-interpret the work, they deepen their understanding of its power – exploring what is at stake in their own personal lives in order to commit and perform it successfully.

Through an extraordinary collage of interviews, archival material, and uniquely powerful cinematography, this lyrical documentary uses the story of this iconic dance to illustrate the power of art and the triumph of the human spirit.

Watch the trailer for Can You Bring It below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD September 14th.


Order your copy of the stellar new short film collection Boys Night

Bouncing around from genre to genre, this stellar new collection of short films from Mattioli Productions showcases some of the most cutting edge recent gay cinema from the United States and Australia. Sit back, relax and get ready to make it a Boys Night.


Below, you’ll find a short synopsis for each of the films included in the new set, plus an exclusive photo gallery. Click here to pre-order your copy of Boys Night. It’s available on DVD and Blu-ray starting this week!



Hopelessly (USA, 2018, 5 mins) / Directed by Tony Clemente Jr.
All Darren (Lucas Iverson) wants is a connection. When his girlfriend and his boyfriend don’t have time for him, Darren goes on an adventure to find love again… and again… and again. Hopelessly explores a day in the life of a polyamorous relationship in all its awkward beauty.

Mass (USA, 2020, 12 mins) / Directed by Linus Ignatius
Gay, HIV-positive and lonely in New York City, Trey (writer-director-star Linus Ignatius) finds himself surrounded by hulking, powerful men. Throughout his day, he obsesses over how to get BIG – and his insecurities keep him trapped in a tense cycle of trauma and abuse.

Innocent Boy (USA, 2020, 14 mins) / Directed by Brock Cravy
Off a lonely Texas highway, a group of hustlers prey on the desperados who have come for sex, drugs and Momma’s special milk. Don’t miss this wildly provocative short horror flick from director Brock Cravy.

Miles (Australia, 2017, 15 mins) / Directed by Christopher Sampson
In this Australian coming-of-age drama, three lifelong friends (Nathan DramanJye Whatson and Madi Jennings) navigate their way through an unusual love triangle while embarking on a road trip that will change their lives forever.

Sacrifice (Australia, 2018, 17 mins) / Directed by Anna Maguire
James (Leigh Smith), a humanitarian rights lawyer, and Blake (Jesse Everett), a military officer, just want to live a normal and quiet life together. They find, however, that their sense of professional duty continually tears them apart.

Tooth 4 Tooth (Australia, 2020, 13 mins) / Directed by Alice Maio Mackay
While investigating the murder of a friend, a drag artist and an activist find themselves caught in an old war between those who feed on the blood of the fearful and those who feed on the blood of the hateful.






Luchino Visconti’s savagely subversive classic The Damned is getting an exquisite special edition from The Criterion Collection

The most savagely subversive film by the iconoclastic auteur Luchino ViscontiThe Damned employs the mechanics of deliriously stylized melodrama to portray Nazism’s total corruption of the soul.

In the wake of Hitler’s ascent to power, the wealthy industrialist von Essenbeck family and their associates – including the scheming social climber Friedrich (Dirk Bogarde), the incestuous matriarch Sophie (Ingrid Thulin) and the perversely cruel heir Martin (Helmut Berger, memorably donning Dietrich-like drag in his breakthrough role) – descend into a self-destructive spiral of decadence, greed, perversion and all-consuming hatred as they vie for power, over the family business and over one another.

The heightened performances and Visconti‘s luridly expressionistic use of Technicolor conjure a garish world of decaying opulence in which one family’s downfall comes to stand for the moral rot of a nation.


The Damned opened to widespread critical acclaim, but also faced immense controversy from ratings boards around the world for its sexual and deeply taboo thematic content. In the United States, the film was given an “X” rating by the MPAA and was only lowered to a more-marketable “R” after twelve minutes of offending footage were cut. It’s definitely not an easy watch, but proves a deeply rewarding experience for viewers with a taste for twisted pitch-black satire and melodrama. Though it’s been out of print for quite some time, The Criterion Collection has swooped in to give The Damned an exquisite special edition release on DVD and Blu-ray.

Special features include a new 2K digital restoration by the Cineteca di Bologna and Institut Lumire, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray; an alternate Italian-language soundtrack; an interview from 1970 with director Luchino Visconti about the film; archival interviews with actors Helmut Berger, Ingrid Thulin and Charlotte RamplingVisconti: Man of Two Worlds, a 1969 behind-the-scenes documentary; a new interview with scholar Stefano Albertini about the sexual politics of the film; a new English subtitle translation and English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing; plus an essay by scholar D. A. Miller.


Check out the new cover art for The Damned below and click here to pre-order your copy. The new Criterion Collection special edition will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting September 28th.