This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

With the launch of the brand-new, the Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience we have been offering for a long, long time was upgraded and improved. We have expanded (and continue to expand) our selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.


Floating Skyscrapers © Canteen Outlaws

Floating Skyscrapers © Canteen Outlaws

Floating Skyscrapers

2013, Poland

Kuba (Mateusz Banasiuk), a champion swimmer, wants to have his cake and eat it too. He’s in a committed relationship with Sylwia (Marta Nieradkiewicz), but he’s carrying on an affair with Michal (Bartosz Gelner), a naïve, slightly younger fellow athlete who, initially, yearns for more affection than Kuba is willing to give in his state of sexual confusion. As the two boys spend more time together, Michal finds the courage to come out to his family while Kuba starts falling more and more in love with his best gay buddy. Sadly, Sylwia and won’t let Kuba go so easily. By trying to hold on to two loves at the same time, Kuba ensures as tragic ending for everyone involved. Prizing setting and mood over dialog and incident, Floating Skyscrapers makes up for a lack of action with gorgeously-rendered, highly erotic sex scenes. The director stages intimate moments that giving the audience a clear view of Kuba’s bisexuality, and showing how he treats both his male and female lovers.

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