The images and trailer below from the new (highly erotic) gay movie M/M are in no way safe for work! Big NSFW situation here! You have been warned!


Matthew (Antoine Lahaie), a young Canadian, is trying to make a fresh start in Berlin, but feels deep isolation living in a strange, new city. When he meets the beautiful and charismatic Matthias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher), he is immediately entranced. Soon Matthew’s interest escalates, becoming an obsession. He begins to transform himself to embody the object of his desire, cutting his hair, and getting new clothes.


When Matthias gets into a motorcycle accident, a unique opportunity presents itself. Matthew can now become Matthias. In a coma, in the hospital, Matthias’ waking life, dreams and memories blur. Where reality ends, the artificial begins. Meanwhile, Matthew sinks deeper and deeper into his new surroundings. When Matthias wakes and confronts him, they embark on a strange new final chapter.


From Director Drew LintM/M is a film of unique contrasts. Hot gay male bodies are entangled together against the heavy grey skies of Berlin. Extreme explorations of identity and desire start to feel weirdly familiar. It’s surreal, but grounded in authenticity and naturalism. Pulsing techno draws us in and then washes over us. It’s less a normal “movie movie” than an experience.


Check out the film festival trailer for M/M along with an extensive photo gallery below and make sure to pre-order your copy. It’s coming to DVD and VOD October 23rd.



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