Now Available On-Demand: Together

From writer-director Stanley Bain and the team at Together Magic Films, Together is an 18-minute, black and white short film about two characters: Kelly and Mason (Tom Svaldi and Anthony Laurita).

Ex-boyfriends, both men are alcoholics. One is in recovery while the other one is still falling prey to his deadly addiction. One night, after many months, the two reconnect when Mason finds himself in crisis and reaches out for help.

A film about growing up and finding one’s identity in the face of betrayal, Together is Bain’s thesis film from the Colorado Film School. Born and raised on the Navajo reservation, he moved to Tempe, Arizona after graduation high school and had spent much of his life there. He also earned a BA in Mathematics from Arizona State University.

“While I enjoyed math and was good at it, I still felt like something was missing,” said Bain. “So after some time just working and earning a living, I decided to pursue my dream to tell stories through the medium of film. Three years ago, I relocated to Denver, Colorado in pursuit of my dream to be a filmmaker.”


You can watch an intro video from Bain below along with a teaser trailer for Together – and click here to rent or download the film. It’s available now, on-demand, at TLAgay.