My Life with James Dean © Breaking Glass Pictures

Out This Week: My Life with James Dean

Invited to present his first feature film, My Life With James Dean, at a festival in Normandy, attractive young writer-director Graud Champreux (Johnny Rasse) has no idea that this film tour is about to change his life. From wild stampedes to woeful screenings, from trawler trips to drunken evenings with an admiring young projectionist (Mickael Pelissier), Graud ends up finding inspiration in an unlikely town at the end of the Earth.


Sexy and totally charming, writer-director Dominique Choisy‘s very meta My Life with James Dean is a tribute to life, love and cinema. Check out these select images below and click here to order your copy. It’s coming out this week on DVD!

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Threesomething © Gravitas Ventures

Out This Week: Threesomething

Two straight best friends try to have a threesome… and shit gets weird.


Threesomething follows Isaac and Charlie (James Morosini and Sam Sonenshine), straight buddies who want more out of their friendship… and decide to organize a threesome. Enter Zoe (Isabelle Chester), a cosmic bohemian wild woman living in a glass tree house, who’s actually just trying to get her shit together. Zoe and Isaac fall in love, fast and hard. Charlie falls into a crisis of masculinity. All three flounder as they earnestly seek an experience slightly beyond their grasp, trying to figure out what turns them on and what gets them off.

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Out This Week: Suffering of Ninko

“We’re in the ancient Japan of the Hyaku-monogatari (the classical ghost-story anthology “The Hundred Tales”), but you’ve never seen a Japanese period movie like this before… Niwatsukino’s wildly enjoyable debut is crammed with humor and visual surprises. At a time when 95% of Japanese indies are about the emotional and sexual-identity problems of young people, it is (to say the least) refreshing to find a movie that goes for broke with a subject that blows genre conventions apart while offering gutsy storytelling, vivid performances and a fabulous sense of cinema’s possibilities. Buddhists will love it, but so will most everyone else.” – Tony Rayns, Vancouver IFF notes


An erotic fantasy set in Japan’s Edo period, Suffering of Ninko introduces a sexually irresistible Buddhist monk struggling to stay virtuous as he begins to have strange carnal dreams. Ninko (Masato Tsujioka), a young Buddhist monk, has a serious problem; both women and some men find him sexually irresistible. After a troubling encounter with a naked masked woman, he sets out on a journey to purify himself of these sexual advances and haunting fantasies. One day, he arrives in a village decimated by mountain Goddess, Yama-Onna, who seduces and kills the men of the valley whereby Ninko has met his match.

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The Pass © Allied Vaughn

Out This Week: The Pass

Two young Premier League footballers share a hotel room the night before a key match. Out of nowhere, one kisses the other. The emotional impact of this “pass” plays out through the next ten years of their lives – a decade of success and failure, secrets and lies, in a sporting world where image is everything.


Tense, claustrophobic and richly emotional, The Pass stars Russell Tovey (who we fell in love with on HBO’s “Looking“), Arinze KeneLisa McGrillis and Nico Mirallegro. The film marks the feature-length directorial debut of Ben A. Williams and was written by John Donnelly, based on his own stage play of the same name.

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Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride! © Allied Vaughn

Out This Week: Uncle Gloria

Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride! is a darkly funny, stranger-than-fiction documentary full of family drama and fireworks. The film is available on DVD starting this week.


During a nasty divorce, Butch, the 67 year-old Jewish macho and homophobic owner of a South Florida auto-wrecking company, hides from the law… as a woman – unknowingly setting off a twisting chain of events that lead to an epic tale of discovery. Naming herself after her two idols – Gloria Estefan and Gloria Steinem – she decides to remodel herself in much the same way Butch once lovingly restored his old cars. As a senior citizen, she undergoes a risky sex change operation, becomes a dominatrix, later a transgender activist, and ultimately finds love, all while trying to reconcile with her dysfunctional family.

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