Go on a journey with 100 Men

What would 100 former lovers say to you? Director Paul Oremland sets out to track down and talk to some of the memorable men he’s met through sex. In the process, he finds himself exploring four decades of changing attitudes toward homosexuality. Gay men have never had it so good, but among the gains there have been losses. Told with humor and candidness, the film charts the revolution through a countdown of Paul’s 100 most unforgettable trysts.


From the director of Surveillance 24/7 (2007) and Like It Is (1998) comes a deeply personal documentary that offers a history lesson through a unique perspective.┬áThe film starts with Paul as a guilt-ridden and confused teenager in 1970’s New Zealand. It then moves onto sleazy, sexy Soho in the 80’s and through the drug fueled commercial London club land of the 90’s, coming rights up to date with his own partnership.┬áThe changes Paul has seen in his lifetime have been truly astonishing – religious tolerance, living with – rather than dying from – AIDS, civil partnerships, marriage, parenthood and growing old “disgracefully.” And though no one would want to go back to the bad old days Paul explores a nagging feeling that something has been lost along the way.

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