Just Came Out: Everything at Once

A seductive documentary, Everything at Once profiles Paco Moyano and Manolo Rodriguez, two Catalan photographers from the outskirts of Barcelona who have been together for thirty years.

Inspired by Caravaggio, Pasolini and Agnes Varda among others, their simple yet sophisticated style records the sex appeal of working class men, using natural light and abandoned locations. With great compassion and understanding, Paco and Manolo build an intimate relationship with their subjects, capturing not only their bare bodies but their inhibitions as well. In the end, they reveal just as much about themselves as they do the nude men in front of their cameras.

Everything At Once tells the beautiful story of two fascinating artists and a special relationship that has lasted for three decades.

Check out the trailer for Everything at Once below (just click “watch on Youtube”) and click here to order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting this week.


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