A secret affair is discovered in the mystery/thriller The Gemini, the first LGBT film in the history of Burmese cinema

The first LGBTQ film from Myanmar, which openly pushed back against strict Burmese laws against depictions of homosexuality in media, The Gemini is a mystery about a secret same-sex love affair between two men in a society that won’t accept them.


After being pressured into an arranged marriage with rich girl Honey Pyo (Aye Myat Thu), Thit Wai (Okkar Min Maung) is suddenly killed in a plane crash. Much later, his widow is approached by a successful author named Nay Thit (Nyein Chan Kyaw), a mysterious man who claims to have been a college friend of her late husband. The film soon flashes back to a different time, when Nay Thit and Thit Way were secret lovers. Honey Pyo soon starts to suspect the truth. At the same time, another even bigger mystery begins to emerge… as evidence mounts that her husband may still be alive after all.


Watch an extended trailer for The Gemini below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD in November.





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