This Weekend’s VOD Favorites!

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Role of a Lifetime
Amber (Elysse Winn) and her lover Liz (Rain Dove Dubilewski) are moving slow after a romantic evening celebrating their anniversary – along with Amber’s recent Oscar Nomination. Liz wakes up to receive a package from a strange and invasive postal worker, Jade (Larena Danielle), who secretly enters the apartment. Desperate to save their brunch plans, Liz leaves for groceries and Amber is relieved to see the unopened package with an engagement ring. Unnoticed, Jade makes herself at home and soon confronts Amber, trapping her in a series of lethal accusations and riddles before being interrupted by Amber’s persistent manager, Richard (Steve Wolf). Eventually, Amber realizes that while she may not be able to save herself, she may be able to do something to keep Liz alive. Role of a Lifetime is a stylish twelve-minute thriller from writer Kelly Feustel, director Ashlei Hardenburg and the gang at Mattioli Productions.


Kill the Monsters 
When young, pretty, and charmingly aloof Frankie (Jack Ball) falls mysteriously ill, his older and wiser partners – overthinking, practical Patrick (Ryan Lonergan), and impulsive, fiery Sutton (Garrett McKechnie) – agree that it’s time to head West, begin new adventures, and seek holistic treatment. From here, the highs and lows of the trio’s journey mirror key points in United States history – from hot sex in their luxurious New York City apartment through a road trip that results in a civil war and possible breakup to an all-out poker war involving scheming, sophisticated, and calculating German and Russian lesbians. Kill the Monsters is a sexy, funny, touching and expertly-crafted black and white indie gem you won’t want to miss.


Hara Kiri
An unconventional, sometimes troubling love story, Hara Kiri follows young gay punk skateboarders August and Beto (Jesse Pimentel and Mojean Aria) during what is, for all intents and purposes, their last day on Earth. These two rebellious soul mates have made a suicide pact. They just want one more day to create chaos, say goodbye to people from their past and gorge themselves on food from every conceivable fast food chain. Attempting to break common trends in gay cinema, writer-director Henry Alberto embraces “the ugly, aggressive and raw side of queer love.” Filmed on the fly in only three days, with dialog completely improvised by the performers, Hara Kiri is a wholly unique and commendably unsettling romance which shines a spotlight on a younger subset of the gay community not often seen.


Desire Will Set You Free
A gay romance with a punk/hardcore aesthetic, Desire Will Set You Free takes you deep into the free-spirited, drug-fueled queer-paradise of contemporary Berlin. Ezra (Yony Leyser), a struggling American writer, meets Sasha (Tim-Fabian Hoffmann), a Russian escort, and he introduces him to his world of clubs and parties – a dizzying and vibrant hedonistic underground. As they journey together through Berlin’s layered history and unique subcultural landscapes, their relationship begins to take a new form and inner desires threaten to disrupt everything. Fast-paced and sexy with eye-popping cinematography and production design, Desire Will Set You Free features an über-large cast of notable figures, including Amber Benson (Tara on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), “Godmother of Punk” Nina Hagen, infamous musician/performance artist Peaches and legendary gay artist/filmmaker Rosa Von Praunheim.


You Can’t Escape Lithuania
After his star actress, Indre (Irina Lavrinovic), murders her mother, rich-kid filmmaker Romas (Denisas Kolomyckis) plans her escape from Lithuania. His ridiculously hunky Mexican boyfriend Carlos (Adrian Escobar) helps them reluctantly. On the road, Romas begins shooting an improvised experimental film of their harrowing trip with his smartphone. As events take an unexpected turn, their secrets, memories and emotions make this journey wilder than any film Romas could have imagined. Stylish and supremely sexy, this gripping gay road movie comes from acclaimed gay filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas, who based it loosely on his own experiences. He funded the movie though Kickstarter… and went naked for donors to raise money (something, you’ll be happy to know, his cinematic counterpart also does in the film).

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