45 Days Away from You is a globe-trotting break-up comedy

As we’re all spending a lot of time indoors, we’re going to take the next few weeks to highlight some of our favorite films available RIGHT NOW, on-demand at TLAgay.com! Stay in, sit back, relax and make it a movie night.

After a recent breakup with “a man who shall not be named,” young bachelor Rafael (Rafeal de Bona) finds his romantic life spinning out of control. With a change of scenery in order, he sets out on journey of self-discovery – an adventure that will take him from Brazil to England, Portugal and Argentina. Along the way, he seeks the counsel of his nearest and dearest friends. There’s Julia (Julia Correa), an amorous single actress trying to land her breakthrough role; Fabio (Fabio Lucindo), Rafael’s straight-boy buddy, who is trying to maintain a long-distance relationship; and Mayara (Mayara Constantino), a dear friend who gave up a promising career in favor of marriage. Over the course of his 45-day trip, Rafael grows closer to the people in his life who really matter and learns that all it takes to mend a broken heart is time… and the support of a few good friends.

Smart, funny and sexy, this globe-trotting (and bed-hopping) romantic comedy from Brazilian filmmaker Rafael Gomez takes an honest look at gay relationships through the lens of one man desperate to figure out where it all went wrong.

Check out the trailer for 45 Days Away from You below and click here to rent or download the film. It’s available now on-demand.

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