Just Came Out: Killer Unicorn

Danny (Alejandro La Rosa) is your average Brooklyn party boy. Last year, he and his friends couldn’t have been more excited to attend the annual Enema Party – where you come to get douched and dance! While the night started out fun, it quickly took a turn for the worst when Danny was attacked by a stranger. In the end, his ultra-fabulous queer and drag diva friends were able to save his life, but not without a few deadly consequences.

Flash forward to one year later. Danny is still sorting through the trauma of that horrible incident. He refuses to go to this year’s “Brooklyn’s Annual Enema Party,” despite the pressure of his close friends Cholata (Horrorchata), Collin (J’Royce Jata) and Gayson (Grayson Squire).

His dearest friends want Danny to start facing his fears and getting back out into the world. At first, Danny refuses, but when a new boy, PuppyPup (Jose D. Alvarez), enters his life, Danny decides to give his social life and the Brooklyn nightlife scene a second chance. It isn’t until his friends start to disappear and get killed in gruesome ways that Danny realizes that his life, and the lives of everyone else who helped him that night one year ago, are in grave danger. A man wearing a unicorn mask is killing off Brooklyn nightlife, one queen at a time… and he won’t stop until he has his revenge!

Hysterically funny, intentionally over-the-top and raunchy in all the right ways, Killer Unicorn is a delightful drag-happy horror-comedy you won’t want to miss. Check out the trailer below and click here to order your copy.

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