The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.

Male Shorts: International V2
Breaking Glass Pictures presents a sensational new collection of sexy short films from around the world. Male Shorts: International V2 features five different flicks guaranteed to get your pulse racing. Free Fall follows a sixteen-year-old in Medellin who is feeling hopeful about an upcoming date with the boy he loves. Enter revolves around one man’s second thoughts about the orgy he has attended. Sr. Raposo shows us a chilling public sex encounter tinged with violence. Ocaso follows the relationship that develops between a student and a construction worker. And, finally, Twice examines a bromance that gets a little out of control. Packed with hot guys and stimulating sex scenes, this collection will drive you wild. Male Shorts: International V1 is also available now on-demand!

Japan Japan
Released in 2007, Japan Japan tells the story of Imri (portrayed by Imri Kahn), who at nineteen goes to live in Tel- Aviv, but dreams of moving to Japan. Through his relationships and encounters and in diverse cinematic tools, we are introduced to the young man’s life. An exploration of living in the exotic city of Tel Aviv is presented through a hero who is himself in the midst of exploring his own choice of an exotic place. A unique correlation is formed between the hero’s misconception of Japan and ours of him. The movie was constructed by both improvised and pre-scripted scenes, as required by the nature of each scene. Though it’s twelve years old now, it’s
still an utterly contemporary and decidedly queer movie that thinks outside the box.

Boy Undone
Two young men spend the night together after meeting the previous evening in a notorious gay club. The next day, however, the host wakes to find that the boy he picked up is bewildered and confused, unable to remember his name or anything about his past. Lacking any type of identification or obvious clues, the boys begin to search for the truth among fragments of memories that may or may not prove reliable. A chilling homoerotic thriller from Mexican writer-director Leopoldo Laborde (A Beautiful Secret, Sin Destino), Boy Undone is queer guerrilla filmmaking at its most intense. The two lead actors, both newcomers, offer up a ton of male nudity in some seriously graphic sex scenes that are only matched by the violence and tension that ensues. Watch this one with the shades drawn!

Out in the Dark
Out in the Dark follows a young, affluent and ambitious Palestinian grad student and a Jewish lawyer who fall in love. The adorable Nimr (Nicholas Jacob) crosses the border to study and occasionally to meet his friends at a gay nightclub in Tel Aviv. One night, he is introduced to the handsome and wealthy Roy (Michael Aloni) and an instant attraction ensues. While Tel Aviv is ostensibly more accepting of Palestinians being present, Nimr’s homeland is not. He struggles to keep the peace with his Muslim family – especially his brother, who is now a member of a radical, extremist anti-Palestinian organization. Despite being surrounded by all of these weighty (and sometimes dangerous) obstacles, the budding couple cannot help but fall immensely in love. Everything soon comes to a gripping head. Nimr is to choose between the life he once dreamed of… or Roy, his true love. From the opening scene to the final frame, Out in the Dark is a timely and poignant romantic drama-thriller that should not be missed.

Get ready for a sexually explicit, highly erotic new drama from Scud, the acclaimed Hong Kong filmmaker behind Amphetamine, Permanent Residence, City Without Baseball and Love Actually… Sucks. Voyage centers on a young psychiatrist who embarks on a lone journey from Hong Kong, along the coast of Southeast Asia, to overcome his depression. On the sea, he records stories of people departed from this world prematurely, and reflects on the sad experiences he encountered with former patients. Meanwhile, what awaits him on the shore is the ultimate irony of life. This director always pushes boundaries and a whole lot of male nudity and explicit sex scenes… and we’re quite happy to report that Voyage is no exception. Stream it now and enjoy!

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