TLA Releasing presents a collection of three films that examine the different effects the addition of a third party has on a modern gay relationship. Essentially, it’s a threesome about threesomes – and we’re excited for it. At 50 minutes in length, Cas, the headliner of this collection which doubles as the title for the collection in general, is somewhere between a short and a feature. Filmed in the Netherlands, it won the “Best International Feature” Award at FilmOut San Diego in 2017.


In Cas, the seemingly rock-solid relationship shared by 29-year-old Pepijn (Wieger Windhorst) and 33-year-old Sjors (Kevin Hassing) is put in jeopardy when they invite a lively 20-year-old student named Cas (Felix Meyer) to sleep on their couch until he finds a place of his own. Gradually, as Pepijn and Sjors both fall head over heels in love with Cas’ laconic charms, they are forced to reconsider all of their shared future plans. Is Cas a real threat to their relationship… or might he be a blessing in disguise?


“Cas tells a story that is very close to my heart,” said director Joris van den Berg. “It is meant as an open-minded film, telling a universal story that can appeal to a broad audience. At the same time, it’s very important to me that the characters are homosexual, specifically because gay people (and other sexual minorities) are still strongly underrepresented in Dutch films and TV-series.”


Tri-Curious, the second of the three films on offer (this one from the United States), focuses on two characters (Trevor Ketcheson and Rob Salerno) in the hour or so before their “guest” (a young man they found on an online hook-up website) is set to arrive at their apartment. The more conservative half of the couple grows increasingly nervous until he can no longer hide his unwillingness to proceed, and the two bicker and try to resolve the situation, knowing full well that it’s almost too late to cancel.


“I wanted to portray a young gay male couple that is basically healthy, happy, and considerate of each other, yet find themselves in this surprising (and amusing) conflict on the road to sexual experimentation,” said Tri-Curious director Matt Guerin. “In a sense, the two characters are meant to represent the conflict between conservative versus more liberal approaches to sexuality. I’ve always believed the best way to raise uncomfortable or potentially contentious issues is through humor and I hope the film is a playful and thoughtful example of this.”


The final short in this collection, Bed Buddies, comes from TLA favorite Reid Waterer, the same director behind the four hilarious and sexy short films on offer in our beloved Global Warming collections. Bed Buddies is a comedy about three gay friends (Dylan Wayne LawrenceDaniel Lipshutz and Enzo Nova) who wake up after sleeping together and try to make sense of the unclear line between friendship and love.


Check out a whole bunch of select images from all three films below and make sure to order your copy hereCas is available on DVD starting this week!


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