Get ready to be seduced by the best gay short films from France in one exquisite collection. An eclectic new compilation, French Kisses shines a spotlight on short films chock-full of sex appeal.


In Apollo, we follow a modern teenager, riddled with insecurities who keeps fantasizing about an ever more muscular body – and an even bigger banana. Herculaneum concerns three “appointments,” two men and a volcano that growls. In The Body of Angels, Remi listens to the birds and falls ain the hedges while, Gabriel does something far more sinister. In En Retour, Jean-Marc meets Simon, a younger man, for dinner. After a promising start, the evening plunges into extreme drama. Ruptures follows Gabriel and Andre, ex-boyfriends who cross paths for the first time in ten years. Finally, in Juliet Electrique, 14-year-olds Thomas and Victor visit an abandoned bridge and soon face their most secret fears and desires.


Check out the trailer for French Kisses below, along with some select images, and make sure to pre-order your copy here. It comes to DVD in January.



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