The gay classic Wild Reeds gets a new special edition restoration on DVD and Blu-ray!

Set against the backdrop of the last days of the French-Algerian war and amidst the lush landscapes of Southern France, Wild Reeds is a true gay cinema classic – a coming-of-age saga looking at the sexual awakening of four teenagers. The quartet discover sensual delights while grappling with inner-conflict and political differences.

Sensitive Francois (Gael Morel) and feminist-communist Maite (Elodie Bouchez) are in a somewhat stunted relationship, bonding over a mutual love for movies and rock’n’roll. However when Francois meets Serge (Stephane Rideau), a handsome muscular youth from the local farming community, he comes to acknowledge his latent homosexuality, while Maite is seduced by Henri (Frederic Gorny), a teenage exile whose political stance is in complete opposition to hers.

A powerful take on adolescent sexuality and social turmoil, Andre Techine‘s Wild Reeds is a poignant, moving and life affirming expression of teenage angst and triumph. The film has recently been restored by Altered Innocence for a brand-new special edition DVD and Blu-ray release in the United States.

Watch the new trailer for Wild Reeds below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on both DVD and Blu-ray starting this week.