Trailer Alert: What We Know

Featuring a stellar young cast – packed with a ton of incredibly attractive guys – writer-director Jordi Nunez‘s What We Know is a deeply moving coming-of-age story, following a charming young woman whose destiny will entail some sacrifices.

Up-and-coming young actor Nakarey gives a revelatory performance as Carla, a recent Venezuelan immigrant who came to Valencia in search of a better life. She is in love with the uber-popular, hunky, Victor (played by heartthrob Javier Amann, Nakarey‘s real-life husband).

An afternoon at the beach with Victor and his friends, including a very charismatic gay friend who takes Carla under his wing, results in an increasingly intense and profound attraction between Carla and Victor. Enter Marina (Tania Fortea), an attractive and enigmatic young woman whose obsession is not to fall into mediocrity – and whose passion for Victor has no bounds.

Friendship, love, and desire meet in a journey through time, marked by the first steps towards maturity and disenchantment, which appears when life really begins.

Watch the trailer for What We Know below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and VOD February 28th.