Meet the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in the new short documentary We Are Here

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a leading-edge Order of queer and trans nuns who rightly believe that all people should be free to express their unique joy and beauty. Since their first appearance in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979, the Sisters have devoted themselves to community service, ministry and outreach to those at the margins of society, all while consistently promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment. They’re also quick to use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.


Soon after the San Francisco Order was founded in 1979, the mission of the Sisters — to promulgate universal joy, expiate stigmatic guilt and serve the community — spread far and wide. Houses can be found across the United States and in several countries around the world. Although the San Francisco House is often referred to as the “Mother House,” the Sisters have no central seat of power and no single ruling body. Each House is an autonomous, unique group with its own Habits, culture, and rules. Just as the San Francisco House is a reflection of the culture that surrounds it, so too is each House a reflection of its own environment.


With the new short documentary film We Are Here, director Ellie Hodgetts takes a close look at the Manchester House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to show us some of the faces and hearts behind the movement. Watch the trailer for We Are Here below. The film is now available on-demand at TLAgay.