Trailer Alert: Turner Risk

Turner Risk (Nick Fink) has been the victim of bullying since a young age. One day he decides to strike back by clearing out all the negatives in his life to effectively reboot his world. When his deadly plan becomes clear, his only friend, Robbie Cruz (Carlin James), jobless and struggling to make ends meet, teams up with his new companion Seth (Sean Cruz) and high school nemesis Conner (Rory Hart) to stop Turner – but first they have to find him. Thus begins their longest journey together: a day of sudden tragedies and, ultimately, of unexpected revelations.

“Stories about everyday people – particularly young people – coping with the challenges life brings us all have always fascinated me,” said Turner Risk co-writer and director Michael Dailey. ” He went on to say that the film is “mostly a story about the long-term impact of bullying, a problem that has become even more prevalent today thanks to social media, but it touches on many other topical issues as well: revenge, rage, relationships, gun control, gender equality, and more. They’re all there––personal and societal issues woven into a story about heroes with no real villains to fight. Just a group of innocents affected by life. But we also wanted to tell a story of hope, of coping with the challenges that come our way, as impossible as that may sometimes seem to be.”

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