Now Available On-Demand: I Want Your Love

Employing a cast of fearless actors, director Travis Mathews offers up a sexually-graphic, but ultimately touching film that follows the bed-hopping adventures of a small group of San Francisco hipsters.

With his award-winning 2010 short film of the same name, Mathews presented a realistic, completely unsimulated gay sex scene as romantic as it was titillating. Not long after, he was able to expand that short into a feature-length adaptation.

I Want Your Love follows a small group of gay friends, centered around a young artist named Jesse (Jesse Metzger). Out of cash, Jesse is reluctantly planning to leave San Francisco, his home city for the past ten years, and return to the Midwest. Above all, he does not want to leave his close friends.

On his last night in town, his pals decide to throw him a wild going-away party. Soon, flirting ensues, relationship dynamics are questioned and hidden attractions become apparent – leaving to several unexpected pairings and some incredibly entertaining sex scenes that celebrate the messiness and vulnerability of first-time encounters between friends.

While I Want Your Love includes the kind of graphic sex you rarely see outside of porn, Mathews injects a ton of heart and humor into the proceedings. The scenes feel honest and completely essential, rather than shocking or gratuitous.

Long unavailable, this charming, groundbreaking American indie is now available once again on-demand at TLAgay. Watch the original trailer below and click here to rent or download the film.


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Male Shorts: International V1 © Breaking Glass Pictures

Male Shorts: International V1 © Breaking Glass Pictures

Male Shorts: International V1

2018, Brazil, France, United States

Breaking Glass Pictures presents a sensational collection of sexy short films from around the world. Male Shorts: International V1 features five different flicks guaranteed to get your pulse racing. Directed by Travis Mathews (Interior. Leather Bar., I Want Your Love), Just Past Noon on a Tuesday concerns two strangers get intimate when they meet after the death of a mutual lover. The Mousetrap follows a straight dude who goes on an unexpected sexual journey. The Storm is all about a guy who has the hots for his weather forecaster. In Neptune, a chance encounter at a bath house turns into an obsession. Finally, P.D. adapts William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”… with lots of staggeringly hot naked studs. This compilation is one you won’t want to miss.

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NSFW: Male Shorts: International V1

Later this month, Breaking Glass Pictures will be releasing an exceptional collection of short films called Male Shorts: International V1. An international collection containing five short films focusing on gay men, the set includes Just Past Noon On A Tuesday, La Tepette (The Mousetrap), The Storm (La Tempete), Neptune, and PD. Each short film is presented in its native language (Portuguese, French or English) with English subtitles for all. Take a look at the individual descriptions of the films, along with some hot stills, below.


Just Past Noon on a Tuesday from Male Shorts: International V1 © Breaking Glass Pictures

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday from Male Shorts: International V1 © Breaking Glass Pictures

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday

Directed by Travis Mathews

Two strangers visit the penthouse of a recently deceased lover, only to find themselves learning more about each other. Just Past Noon on a Tuesday comes from the acclaimed director behind I Want Your Love, Interior. Leather Bar and the jaw-dropping In Their Room series.

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