Sneak Peek: His Son’s Best Friend 3

Good afternoon, gentlemen! We’ve got a bit of a treat for you. With the holiday season drilling deep into everyone’s stress levels, we figured you could probably use it.

We were lucky enough to stumble on this stunningly hot sneak peek of Icon Male’s upcoming release His Son’s Best Friend 3, and really, what better way to kick off your weekend and blow off some holiday nerves (or jizz, if we’re being honest) than by watching it on repeat all weekend?! Enjoy!

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Doors Cut Down - Special Edition Blu-ray

Sneak Peak: Doors Cut Down

A subversive 18-minute short film, Doors Cut Down made a big splash when it debuted on the LGBT film festival circuit back in the year 2000. The film follows Guillermo (Israel Rodriguez), a 16-year old who seems like an average high school student, but hides a grown-up secret. He’s becomes a suave expert at cruising his local shopping malls for gay sex. Always looking for a new trick, he even resorts to seducing his much older English tutor. When he finally meets the hottest guy he’s ever seen, a man who may mean more to him than just a hot fuck, Guillermo finds himself suddenly conflicted.


Directed by Antonio Hens, who went on to make feature films like the TLA Releasing titles Clandestinos and The Last Match, Doors Cut Down made a bit of a comeback last year when it became available again as a streaming option on Dekkoo. Now it’s been given the royal treatment by the brand-new label Anus Films (a spirited play on Janus Films, revered distributor of world cinema masterpieces like Fox & His Friends and Ali: Fear Eats the Soul). Newly restored in High Definition, the short is getting a Special Edition Blu-ray release on September 20th.


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