Just Came Out: Pig Hag

Pig Hag, the new indie drama from co-directors Colby Holt and Sam Probst, follows a brash young woman named Jodie (played by Anna Schlegel in a revelatory debut), a nurse who loves Guns N’ Roses, and surrounds herself with a small group of gay, male friends. Her problem? She’s alone, struggling with the pressure to find a partner and have children. When she attends a Guns N’ Roses concert, she thinks she may have met a potential suitor (Tony Jacksha) – until he ghosts her and sends her spiraling. Luckily her gay besties (played by Pete Zias, Michael Henry, Nate Stoner and Maxwell Esposito) are there with cocktails and hard truths as she figures out her next move.

A promising debut, Pig Hag takes an honest, unflinching look at how societies expectations for women of a certain age, and size, influence their barometer for success and the choices they make.

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