Out This Week: Chrissy Judy

Besties by day and cabaret drag partners by night, two longtime pals find themselves at a crossroads when one of them couples off and moves away from New York in the acclaimed new comedy Chrissy Judy. As the duo drifts apart, the remaining queen must reinvent himself or risk becoming an irrelevant solo act – both onstage and off.

Shot gorgeously in crisp black and white (and reminiscent of Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha), this insightful dark comedy peels back the layers in the East Coast’s queer community, taking us to New York City, Fire Island, and Provincetown while telling a personal story about one performer’s existential crisis and examining the realities gay men face in their pursuit of love and acceptance.

With Chrissy Judy, writer, director and star Todd Flaherty proves himself an up-and-coming auteur to watch while he explores the very universal pain of breaking up with a best friend – and asking the difficult question, “What do you do when your chosen family no longer chooses you?”

Watch the trailer for Chrissy Judy below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD.