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In this beautiful and uplifting gay romance, two teen track stars discover first love as they train for the biggest relay race of their young lives. Chiseled Dutch phenom Gijs Blom stars as Sieger, a thoughtful 15-year-old who grapples mightily with his emerging gayness. Equally handsome Ko Zandvliet co-stars as his love interest, the spirited and outgoing Marc. In their boyish summer courtship the two of them swim, bike, run – and share ice creams and kisses as they gradually find the courage to be vulnerable with one another. The romance between them unfolds with a palpable sense of longing – and an aching sequence of heartache as Sieger tries to fight the inevitable.

From writer-director-star Thiago Cazado, the creator behind the 2017 gay romance About Us, comes a controversial and supremely sexy new coming-of-age love story. Young Lucas (Paulo Sousa) lives with his religious Aunt Lourdes (Juliana Zancanaro) in a quiet country town, where he dutifully helps her proselytize by playing biblical songs on his keyboard. His quiet life is soon agitated, however, when his aunt announces the arrival of another nephew named Mario (Thiago Cazado), who has just been released from jail. Forced to share a bedroom, these two cousins find their personalities clashing… until an unexpected attraction starts to bond them together. Packed with male nudity and cousin-to-cousin sexual tension, this new film is not afraid to push boundaries.

Free Fall
Max Riemelt, the super-sexy star of Sense8, and hottie Hanno Koffler co-star as gay lovers in this wildly popular drama. It’s been called the German Brokeback Mountain for its portrayal of forbidden love between two police cadets as previously heterosexual Marc (Koffler) and fellow male cop Kay (Riemelt) embark on an unexpected life-changing affair. Free Fall is part of a new wave of powerful German cinema. As director Stephan Lacant’s first feature film, the film tells the dramatic tale of a man who finds himself outside the clear-cut boundaries of his world. Exceptional performances from Koffler, Riemelt and Katharina Schüttler provide a moving portrayal of what happens when life plans crumble and there is no way left to fulfill the needs of the people you love.

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