Get four feature films from one of Hong Kong’s most controversial gay filmmakers!

From Breaking Glass Pictures, the brand-new four-disc Collector’s Edition, Scud: A Collection of His Early Works, features four early films from acclaimed Hong Kong-based director Scud, including AmphetamineCity Without BaseballLove Actually…Sucks! and Permanent Residence.

We have a little synopsis for each film included below along with some (very NOT SAFE FOR WORK) images. Click here to pre-order your copy of this unique set. Get four supremely sexy movies for one low price!

When a passionate, gay executive, Daniel, meets a straight fitness trainer, Kafka, attraction blooms and the two men fall fatefully in love. They believe their love can bridge anything, even Kafka’s sexual orientation and his drug habit. While Kafka tries to love Daniel, despite his romantic preferences, a traumatic memory from his past continues to hold him back. It turns out, an addiction to love proves more fatal than the drugs they use to explore the boundaries of their relationship.

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