The deranged 1975 cult curio Satan’s Children goes heavy on the shock and schlock!

Made by one-and-done filmmakers in the shadows of Tampa, Satan’s Children is a 1975 cult curio that feels like an Afterschool Special from depths of hell… quite literally. Now that it’s getting a brand-new special edition restoration and re-release on Blu-ray, it can horrify a whole new generation of viewers!

Bobby (Stephen White) is a troubled teen with some serious problems. After deflecting his father’s insults and his stepsister’s come-ons, Bobby unknowingly ends up at a gay bar. Before long, he’s assaulted by four guys in the back seat of a car. With nowhere else to turn, Bobby ends up joining a cult of Satanists to enact his murderous revenge.

A truly deranged gut-punch, Satan’s Children is a gritty and baffling horror experience that could have only happened in Florida. AGFA and Something Weird are thrilled to present a 2K preservation of the film, sourced from the only known 35mm theatrical print in existence.

This new special edition Blu-ray is packed with unique special features, including commentary by queer film historian Elizabeth Purchell and AGFA’s Bret Berg. There is also a cast reunion Q&A, a bonus TV special called The Weird World of Weird from 1970, the bonus short films Boys Beware and Satan in Church and a torrid trailer reel from Lucifer’s archives.


Watch a trailer for the new special edition of Satan’s Children below and click here to pre-order your copy. The Blu-ray will be available at TLAgay beginning September 30th.