Trailer Alert: Phantom Project

A hit at film festivals all around the world, Phantom Project is a playful, quirky and romantic gay ghost story.

Pablo (Juan Cano) finds that his life is in flux. He’s struggling to land the acting roles he wants so badly and has to take on a variety of eccentric odd jobs to make ends meet.

It doesn’t help that the ex-boyfriend he’s still in love with is a successful YouTube star and has no romantic interest in him whatsoever. Throw in a roommate who has vanished without paying the rent, leaving behind only a ghost, and you have a quirky gay indie film like no other.

Pablo’s journey of self, alongside his eclectic new and old friends, is a pure joy to watch. Director Roberto Doveris shot the film in his own neighborhood, Santiago’s vibrant Nunoa district and the story reflects many of his personal experiences.

Watch the trailer for Phantom Project below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD October 25th.