This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Pornstar Pandemic
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, so many people found their industries grind to a halt… and porn stars are no exception. What happens to adult film stars when their industry takes a necessary hiatus? Pornstar Pandemic seeks to discover just that by opening the doors to a rare, intimate examination of LGBTQ adult actors and their lives while sheltering at home. Follow top stars Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, DeAngelo Jackson, Alter Sin, Alex Lecomte and newcomers like Elijah Wilde and Jack Loft during their daily activities. Discover their personal thoughts on the current state of the industry, their own roles in it, how the shutdown has affected their lives and livelihoods and what’s next once everyone can return to work.


Vilom, a lonely young man from India, is obsessed with becoming internet-famous and deeply confused about his sexuality. When he moves in with Amay, a dynamic, openly gay hairdresser, and Nivi, a beautiful struggling actress, he finds that they are both slowly falling in love with him. This sudden love triangle leads to even more confusion, forcing Vilom to examine his sexual and romantic needs on a deeper level. Meanwhile, societal pressures and prejudices are building just outside the walls of their home. The feature-length debut of Mumbai-based actor Sunder Pal, Vilom is an unflinching sociopolitical drama centered around gay/straight relationships. This films tells a provocative story of risk-taking, creativity, rebellion and survival.


Getting It
After being dumped by his cabaret-partner boyfriend, Jamie (writer-director-star Tom Heard), a talented singer, angrily shuts out the world, only singing for himself and always putting his own needs first. Next door, Ben (Donato De Luca), a poet whose mother has passed away, can’t seem to shake his depression. When a friend asks Jamie to reach out to Ben, these two hardened souls come together to hopefully begin healing. But, can anyone ever really change?


From writer-director Christopher Sampson, the terrific new fifteen-minute short film Miles is an Australian coming-of-age drama that explores the relationship between three lifelong friends (Nathan Draman, Jye Whatson and Madi Jennings) involved in a love triangle as they embark on a road trip that will change their lives. It’s a meditative, introspective character study that marks the arrival of a talented new filmmaker.


A Queer City
In the short documentary A Queer City, three young drag artists navigate the rising drag scene in Norwich, a place where their actions appear to be going unnoticed by the rest of the world. They open up about what their drag means to them and how by finding a welcoming group of people in Norwich with similar attitudes and camp sensibilities, they have been able to express their queerness and identity freely through performance and visual artistry. Despite sometimes finding it difficult to find their way as marginalized individuals, they have hopes for a future they plan on carving themselves as a close-knit new wave of creatives.

The short film Miles is meditative and introspective character study

From writer-director Christopher Sampson, the new fifteen-minute short film Miles is an Australian coming-of-age drama that explores the relationship between three lifelong friends involved in a love triangle as they embark on a road trip that will change their lives forever.

After the death of his father, sexually ambivalent Michael (Jye Whatson) brings his two closest friends, Edward (Nathan Draman) and Ashley (Madi Jennings), along for a road trip of self-discovery. A complicated love triangle exists between the three, threatening to change everything when they all realize what they truly desire.

When Ashley and Ed use the trip as an opportunity to each push their own agendas of love and romance, Michael is placed at the center of their conflict. Discussions of love, memories, and lost chances scatter throughout, unveiling the true nature of the characters. As actions are misread and advanced upon, Michael is forced to confront the situation and accept what he desires. Professions of love and confusion follow, culminating in a final moment that leaves Michael, Ashley and Ed to reflect upon their choices.

A meditative and introspective character study, Miles opens with no context of the affairs that have occurred beforehand, and we leave uncertain of where our characters will ultimately end up.


Watch the trailer for Miles below and click here to see the film. It’s now available on-demand at TLAgay.