A Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers

It’s Coming: A Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers!

Are you as excited as we are for the imminent release of A Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers? The exclusive co-production between MEN.com and TLAgay.com is heading your way very soon indeed, and we thought we might share a few quick sneak peeks of what you’re in for.

Feast your eyes on this exclusive sneak peek of things to come, but be advised…it’s strictly safe-for-work for today. If you want the filth, well, you’re just going to have to keep checking in. It’ll be worth the wait. TRUST.

JJ Knight And Ty Mitchell
JJ Knight and Ty Mitchell
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A Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers

Coming Soon: A Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers


Prepare for a delicious cock-tale with Ty Mitchell, Rebecca More, JJ Knight, Johnny Rapid, Joey Mills, Jonas Jackson, and Sophie Anderson. Directed by Alter Sin.

Watch this space for updates on “A Tale of Two Cock Destroyers.” Prepare for a mind-and-load-blowing exclusive co-production coming exclusively from MEN.com and TLAgay.com.

Johnny Rapid wants YOU to check your BALLS!

Men, have you checked your balls lately? If you haven’t, you should know that you’re not only risking your own testicular well-being, but also defying the wishes of porn superstar Johnny Rapid!

The makers of the fantastic ball-centric documentary – aptly titled BALLS – along with the good folks at MEN.com have joined forces to present this charming (and somewhat NSFW) video to remind you to take a minute at least once per month to make sure your balls are in tip-top shape. After all, they’re pretty important, aren’t they?

Watch it here:

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