Our Top 15 Gay Movies of 2018

2018 was an incredible year for movies… and movies centered around gay men in particular. Not only was there a wealth of titles to choose from, but many of them rose above the gay movie niche and made a huge splash on the international film fest circuit. Some even broke through into the mainstream (say what you will about, Bohemian Rhapsody, but that flick is a box office juggernaut). Check out our Top 15 Gay Movies of 2018 below and make sure to pick up your copies on DVD and Blu-ray at TLAgay.com!


Editor’s Note: We limited our considerations to titles that we have available currently on our site (including pre-orders). So, while films like Boy Erased and the previously mentioned Bohemian Rhapsody may be great, they don’t qualify for this particular list as they haven’t been announced yet for DVD, Blu-ray or VOD.

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