Trailer Alert: Pornomelancholia

“This study of a guy trying to make it in the gay porn industry… does it so intriguingly, with sensitivity, wit and thoughtfulness.” – Screen International

Looking to escape his mundane factory job and make some easy money, Lalo decides to respond to a casting call for an adult film. With his striking face and dark mustache, he quickly finds himself cast as Emiliano Zapata in an overheated porno retelling of the Mexican Revolution.

Though Lalo’s online celebrity begins to skyrocket as he posts videos, he finds the demands of the shoot beginning to wear him down, especially at the hands of a pretentious director who takes his cues from Luis Bunuel films.

As Lalo navigates his new life as a sex worker, he finds that his rising star does not tame his loneliness.

Director Manuel Abramovich devised this artful, alluring mixture of fiction and documentary from lead actor Lalo Santos‘ own personal experiences working in the porn industry. Anchored by an incredibly vulnerable performance, Pornomelancholia is an intimate portrait not only of Lalo but of the reality of sex work in today’s world.


Watch the trailer for Pornomelancholia below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting December 19th at TLAgay.