This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Everything I Like
Daniel (Milton Roses), is an editor at a production company. When Javier (Esteban Masturini), a new cameraman, joins the crew, it upends Daniel’s life in ways he never expected. Though he’s always considered himself straight, Daniel begins to develop feelings for the alluring Javier. Though he’s encouraged by his closest friends to finally come out of the closet, Daniel isn’t sure he’s ready. Once he admits to his bisexuality, he enters the world of online dating, embarking on an uncomfortable, often embarrassing and deeply funny journey through a new world of potential partners. All the while, however, he’s looking to work up the courage to tell Javier how he really feels… and to finally get over his fear of being naked in front of another person. This sexy new 8-episode romantic comedy series from Argentina is now available on-demand!


From writer-director-star Thiago Cazado, the creator behind the 2017 gay romance About Us, comes a controversial and supremely sexy new coming-of-age love story. Young Lucas (Paulo Sousa) lives with his religious Aunt Lourdes (Juliana Zancanaro) in a quiet country town, where he dutifully helps her proselytize by playing biblical songs on his keyboard. His quiet life is soon agitated, however, when his aunt announces the arrival of another nephew named Mario (played by writer-directed Thiago Cazado himself), who has just been released from jail. Forced to share a bedroom, these two cousins find their personalities clashing… until an unexpected attraction starts to bond them together. Packed with male nudity and ultra-naughty “cousin-to-cousin” sexual tension, this new film is not afraid to push boundaries.


Jackson (Justin Herwick) is a lanky, blue-haired record store employee and poet who wakes up one post-orgy morning groggy from the excesses of the night before. He finds himself in a real romantic mess. He’s fallen in love with Billy (Jonah Blechman), who he met at the orgy. The only problem is Billy just wants to be friends and is, himself, punch-drunk in love with Sonny (Willie Garson), a seriously masochistic musician. So where is a hot gay boy who wants to be in love to turn? With raging hormones and a confused sense of romanticism, the skate-boarding Jackson finds that getting fucked while in love (with the one who’s fucking you) is not such a simple matter! Released on 2002 (almost 20 years old now!), Luster is a romantic and sexually-frank underground gay classic that takes you on wildly entertaining ride through the clashing worlds of the heart and libido.


In a time of turmoil for Ecuador, sixteen-year-old Juan Pablo (Juan Manuel Arregui) travels to his family’s hacienda in the Andes, where his uncle (Peky Andino), facing a corruption scandal, has taken refuge with his wife and teenage children. There he meets Juano (Diego Andrés Paredes), an enigmatic and self-assured seventeen-year-old black-metal fan from the nearby pueblo. Soon Juano opens Juan Pablo’s eyes to a new, liberating universe. As his country and family is heading for the abyss, the two boys’ budding friendship develops into a fragile romance and Juan Pablo is finds that he will have to define himself against his chaotic surroundings. From writer-director Diego Araujo, Holiday is a sweet, romantic fable about young love thriving against the odds.


It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship when former pianist Michael (Pip Brignall) happens upon twenty-year-old soccer player Will (Jo Weil). It’s Will’s bachelor party – and his friends have left him naked and handcuffed to a lamppost! After rescuing him from this compromising situation, Michael takes Will home and an immediate attraction blossoms. But does Will, about to be married, have the courage to pursue his obvious interest in this elegant, attractive older man? Or will these guys merely pass in the night? Sexy and intimate, the British import Sodom features a pair of powerhouse performances from Jo Weil and newcomer Pip Brignall. Their connection is palpable from the second they share the screen together in this intimate and quietly emotional must-see romance.