Trailer Alert: The Phantom of the Sauna

A truly original new gay musical, writer-director Luis Navarrete‘s new film The Phantom of the Sauna is sensitive, understated and deeply provocative.

Javi (Nestor Goenaga) is an attractive young rent boy in need of work. So when he arrives at the local bathhouse, his first priority is not a quick encounter, but gainful employment. What he doesn’t anticipate finding, in its steamy, illicit walls, however, is love… and murder!

A gloriously colorful gay musical, replete a drag queen chorus, celebrating the exuberant joys of the male body and hot sex with stunningly choreographed dance numbers and cheeky lyrics, The Phantom Of The Sauna is a true unadulterated pleasure from start to finish.


Watch the trailer for The Phantom of the Sauna below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and VOD starting December 13th.