Now Available On-Demand: The Trace of Your Lips

A gorgeously crafted and relentlessly sexy new erotic drama from acclaimed director Julián Hernández (Raging Sun, Raging Sky, I Am Happiness on Earth), The Trace of Your Lips follows Roman, a B-movie actor who finds himself isolated in his apartment while the pandemic keeps the world on edge.

Aldo, an indigenous young man, is an essential worker who is allowed by the authorities to come and go as necessary. Although they live in the same apartment complex, they are unable to meet. Instead, they talk online or via video calls – which increases the simmering erotic tension. Finally, the temptation to meet becomes too much to bear, culminating in a reality that proves even more combustible.

Packed to the brim with sexual tension, this wildly erotic drama explores the lockdown state of mind, wherein even one individual’s pleasure becomes taboo.

Watch the trailer for The Trace of Your Lips below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD and VOD at TLAgay.


The Male Shorts queer film series is back with a brand new volume of international gems

Get ready for the sixth installment of an incredible gay short film series! Male Shorts: International V6 features a brand-new collection of sensual and provocative male-centric LGBTQ+ shorts. Included are…

Two Amongst Many (Director: Julián Hernández)
A pandemic has Esteban isolated, separated from Alan. His days go by staring at the buildings around him from the rooftop where he lives, learning how to play the guitar, and maintaining his relationship with Alan through video calls, but isolation has no end in sight, and reality eventually catches up with them.

If We Keep Talking in Summer Days (Director: Liu Haotian)
In a small city in the north, the time of midsummer is very short. Two boys get to know each other by chance and agree to meet by a lake. But one of them doesn’t keep the agreement and it begins to rain heavily.

My Pana (Director: Santiago Giralt)
A young man adapting to a new society has only a few tools to survive: his youth, his body and, ultimately, his own resilience. Through his point of view, we understand the hardships of million of Venezuelans abroad and the consequences of corruption, exile and the fractured soul of a person who was pushed to leave his true life to adapt to a hostile new place.

The Anniversary (Director: Marius Gabriel Stancu)
Rosa is celebrating the anniversary of her engagement with Roberto. While she waits for him for dinner, she spends the afternoon in the pool with her younger brother Angelo. They begin to comment on a news story from few days earlier: the body of a boy found in a field near the city. Roberto arrives before they expected and the glances between the three become enigmatic and restless.

Watch the trailer for Male Shorts: International V6 below and click here to pre-order your copy. The collection will be available on DVD and VOD starting December 12th at TLAgay.