The Family Tree tells an unusual Christmas story

In his latest film, provocative indie filmmaker Jorge Ameer (Sabor Tropical, D’Agostino, The House of Adam, Contadora is for Lovers) has created a nostalgic Christmas story based on a old Panamanian holiday tradition.


Victor (Keith Roenke) is a lonely workaholic who rescues animals for a local shelter. He has always loved the end of the year holiday celebrations and since he was young, he would create explosive life size dolls made from newspaper and fireworks to celebrate. However, this holiday season will prove unforgettable as Victor’s latest creation comes to life to disrupt and enlighten him on the true meaning of love, friendship, and family. Life, as he knows it, is about to change. The holiday specter will teach him to cherish the moments that makes lasting memories, as what was once is no more.


Watch the trailer for The Family Tree below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and VOD in early December.


Eating Out: The Open Weekend © Ariztical Entertainment

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Chemsex © Breaking Glass Pictures

Chemsex © Breaking Glass Pictures


2015, United Kingdom

Through hidden basements, bedrooms and bars across London, Chemsex frankly and intimately exposes a dark side to modern gay life. Traversing an underworld of intravenous drug use and weekend-long sex parties, this stunning documentary tells the story of several men struggling to make it out of “the scene” alive – and one health worker who has made it his mission to save them. While society looks the other way, this powerful and unflinching film uncovers a group of men battling HIV and drug addiction while trying to find acceptance in a changing world.

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