Throwback Thursday: Otto; or, Up with Dead People

In this dirty, nasty underground piece of craziness – celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year – the zombie horror sub-genre receives the Bruce LaBruce treatment with degenerate sex, violence, political anarchy and really cute guys… who are just a little bit undead.


Otto (Jey Crisfar) is a really cute twink… who happens to be one of the living dead. When not feasting on roadkill or staggering around Berlin, Otto ponders his existence. Soon he finds a purpose with a role in a queer zombie movie directed by a would-be revolutionary lesbian filmmaker. Otto’s fellow cast members are amused by his “method acting,” and a few find him very attractive – actually, zombies are fetishized quite in LaBruce’s queer universe – but there’s more to this story than meets the jaundiced eye.

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Otto; Or, Up With Dead People (c) Strand Releasing

Halloween Highlights: 50 Queer Horror Flicks We Think Are Worth a Look – Part 4

Second to last! We’re coming close to the end of this series! Being authorities on all things gay-cinema, we at wanted to put in a good word for some queer movies that don’t make the usual ranked horror lists. We came up with a selection of 50 different gay titles that are either direct horror movies or horror adjacent (suspense, mysteries, thrillers). Below, you’ll find part four of our five-part list – in alphabetical order – with new lists appearing each Monday in October. Keep checking back each week for the latest additions!

We tried to limit these to films that are currently available on our site – either on DVD or Blu-ray, or available via our On-Demand service. If a movie is missing from this list, chances are good it’s just out of print or otherwise currently unavailable/hard to access. This isn’t, as you’ll see, a definitive list of the greatest gay horror – that’s not what we were going for. This is just a sampling of some offerings that usually fly under the radar. Some are good, some are great, some are delightfully campy and ridiculous, some might be downright terrible, but they’re all available to help get your into the Halloween spirit!

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