Out This Week: The Poet and the Boy

After a warmly received World Premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, the acclaimed South Korean comedy-drama The Poet and the Boy is coming to DVD in October. This debut feature from filmmaker Kim Yang-hee stars actor/director Yang Ik-JuneJeon Hye-Jin and young Korean heart-throb and rising star Jung Ga-Ram.


A moving, and often funny tale, The Poet and the Boy tells the story of a struggling poet in his late 30s who has spent all his life in a small island town, living off of his hard-working wife. Despite his wife’s constant nagging about having a family – and his inability to carry his share of the weight in their relationship – all he does is think about his writing. One day, the poet meets a teenage boy working at a doughnut shop and helplessly develops feelings he has never had before, leading to both dramatic and comedic consequences.

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