Out This Week: The Revival

Out this week, the emotional new romance The Revival explores faith in the Deep South in a drama that asks how far you’re willing to go for the things you believe in. A desperate young man wanders into town looking for food and shelter. A progressive pastor tries to open the minds of his Old Testament congregation. A born again, recovering alcoholic fights for his church. A pastor’s wife looks to her gay husband for salvation. All of this comes to a scorching climax and an old time revival this small Arkansas town will never forget.


Keep the Lights On star Zachary Booth leads an intimate cast in this must-see drama, based on the play by award-winning writer Samuel Brett Williams. Speaking about the film and its Arkansas setting, director Jennifer Gerber said “It’s vital to me that my films tackle real stories from the south. Arkansas has a wealth of talent and beauty which hasn’t been explored to its full potential. In my opinion, The Revival is a story that needs to be told. Given the current political climate we are in, I want to delve into the psychology of a community of people that make up much of our country but very little of our popular culture.”

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