Don’t miss the sexy, critically-acclaimed new gay British rugby drama In From the Side

Minute for minute, you’re not likely to find a sexier movie more packed with ridiculously handsome men than this must-see new British rugby drama! From writer Adam Silver and co-writer/director Matt Carter, In From the Side is a surprisingly moving sports-team story slathered in sweat, streaked with mud and dripping with sexuality!

The film is centred around Mark (Alexander Lincoln), a relatively new and inexperienced member of a South London gay rugby club who is in a dysfunctional relationship with his wealthy and distant partner Richard (Alex Hammond). He soon falls into an adulterous romantic affair with Warren (Alexander King), a more seasoned played. Warren is also a taken man. He’s in a long-standing but strained relationship with his partner and fellow teammate John (Peter McPherson). Mark and Warren can’t help but explore their deepening connection… even as they struggle to keep it concealed from both their partners and teammates.


A major hit at film festivals all around the world, In From the Side features magnetic performances, telling a story about team spirit, loyalty, camaraderie and forbidden romance. We also can’t stress enough that its sexy as hell!


Watch the trailer for In From the Side below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD March 7th.