Now Available: Drifter

In Drifter, twenty-two-year-old Moritz (Lorenz Hochhuth) follows his boyfriend Jonas (Gustav Schmidt) to Berlin – only to be abandoned within a few weeks. Alone in a new city with little more than a clarinet to his name, he is pushed to reimagine his life as a single gay man in the party capital of Europe.

Trading his small town appearance for a more gender-fluid/classic punk aesthetic, Moritz dives into the city’s vibrating techno world and learns to express his repressed desires, but also starts to lose himself in emotional alienation. With the help of his new queer friends, he soon develops his own ideas of sexuality and masculinity, leading him a little closer to finding himself.

From first-time feature director Hannes Hirsch, Drifter is a riveting and thoughtful film that looks beneath the seductive surface of a hedonistic culture, revealing the depth of the people who live and thrive within.

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