Throwback Thursday: Taxi Zum Klo

From exclusive premieres to rare archival print screenings, book signings, special dinners and events, Metrograph in New York City offers experiences for a wide spectrum of audiences, attracting diverse communities all drawn to the excitement of cinema and the magic of having a place to celebrate it. And in September, they’re shining a rare spotlight on a seminal gay classic!


More than 35 years after it first hit cinemas and shocked mainstream audiences, Frank Ripploh’s groundbreaking debut feature is returning to the big screen for a special engagement. Hailed as one of the defining forces behind the queer cinema genre, Taxi Zum Klo is Ripploh’s semi-autobiographical snapshot of the life of a gay schoolteacher – alternating between his “straight” work life and his nocturnal homosexual leisure activities. One of the many humorous sex scenes is in a public restroom where Frank, seated on a toilet, begins grading school papers while fondling genitals thrust at him through a glory hole. His sexual cavorting are temporarily halted when he falls in love with a movie theater manager who believes in home life and monogamy. But can he keep to the gay and narrow?

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