Two men get a second chance at first love in the gay romance Since the Last Time We Met

From writer-director Matías De Leis Correa, Since the Last Time We Met follows Victor and David (played by Patricio Arellano and Esteban Recagno), two former lovers who find themselves unexpectedly reunited fifteen years after they last saw each other.

During this reunion, they find the love story of their younger years suddenly revives. Victor finds himself passionately drawn to David, who is now married to a woman. As their lives intertwine, the two men struggle with their feelings, knowing that every time they meet might well be the last.

Reminiscent of beloved gay films like Moonlight and WeekendSince the Last Time We Met tells a heartfelt and very sexy story about modern relationships, rekindled passions and reconnecting with a lost love.


Watch the trailer for Since the Last Time We Met below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting April 30th at TLAgay.