Trailer Alert: Party Hard, Die Young

To celebrate their high school graduation, Julia (Elisabeth Wabitsch) and her pals take off for a party-resort in Croatia to experience the banger to end all bangers. As the epic party rages on, Julia’s best friend Jessica (Antonia Moretti) mysteriously disappears, leaving nothing but a suspicious text and a Snapchat photo with her face scratched out. Then another friend slips off a roof to her death… and Julia receives another Snapchat photo. Could someone be picking them off one-by-one?

Mostly shot at the actual X-Jam Festival, Austrian director Dominic Hartl‘s glossy homage to 90’s teen slasher films like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer is high on style while choosing to embrace new age technology, updating the classic slasher-flick for the iPhone and EDM generation.

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