Coming Soon: Santa & Andres

In 1983 Andres, a non-compliant gay writer, resides in the rural mountain region of Eastern Cuba, having been blacklisted by the government for “ideological problems.” After a major event occurs, the government decides someone reliable must be appointed to watch over him and make sure he does not make any political statements. Santa, a country girl who works on a farm, is assigned to the task. For three days in a row Santa will sit in front of Andres’ hut and keep watch over him. Santa and Andres are as close as it gets to being true opposites, and are not meant to like each other. However, they soon find that they have more things in common than they expected.


Reminiscent of Before Night Falls, this tender and powerful new film from director Carlos Lechuga takes a look at what it was like to be out and gay in Cuba under Castro. Unfortunately, this film was actually banned in Cuba. Lead actors Lola Amores and Eduardo Matrinez give terrific, emotionally affecting performances. The Hollywood Reporter called Santa and Andres “achingly beautiful” and Queer Guru called it “a heart-breaking, compelling tale.”

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