Trailer Alert: Half Brother

Sixteen-year old Sandra (Natália Molina) can’t find her mother. She’s been missing for days. At a loss for new clues, she seeks out her half-brother Jorge (Diego Avelino), with whom she has had very little contact. Jorge, however, is in the middle of his own ordeal. He’s being threatened not to leak a shocking video that he made of a homophobic attack on a friend he’s secretly attracted to.

Though their relationship isn’t the strongest, these two half-siblings come together in an effort to solve one another’s problems, however insurmountable they may seem.

Half Brother is the feature debut from Brazilian writer-director Eliane Coster. “The film’s plot grew out of a desire to address the voids and gaps of the hearts and minds of those who must coexist in highly competitive, ever more virtual urban environments burdened with huge social challenges,” said Coster. “The film gives visibility to specific social questions, among them urban violence, the absence of viable public space in the periphery of the city, the difficulties of exerting sexuality, and subtle forms of racial unease.”

Watch the trailer for Half Brother below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and VOD June 15th.