Prolific character actor David Pevsner gets candid about life and sex-work in the one-man show Musical Comedy Whore!

Musical Comedy Whore! is the live filming of the stage musical written by and starring Los Angeles based actor David Pevsner.

David’s show is about sex, love…and musicals! In this completely original entertainment based on his true story, he opens up with remarkable shamelessness into some intensely intimate sexual milestones, all leading up to a life-altering choice: at age 38, while performing in high profile off-Broadway theatre, he became a male prostitute for “Maturity Escorts.” He was, literally, a “musical comedy whore,” and the double life set him off on a difficult, emotional, and hilarious road to the ultimate acceptance.

From his early innocence of sexual and emotional discovery to the extremes of monetizing his sexuality and delving into the darkness of sex, love, aging, and eroding self-esteem, David comes out the other side sadder but wiser, learning that you have to own your choices and never let anyone make you feel like crap… especially yourself.

With great candor, surprising introspection, and a lot of droll, daring, and dirty ditties, Musical Comedy Whore! is a funny, touching, relatable, and brutally honest evening of storytelling. Pevsner can sell it, on-stage and off. Filmed live at the famed Colony Theatre in Burbank, this mix of drama, humor, and musicality is an evening of terrific theater… for mature audiences ONLY!


We’re still waiting on a trailer for Musical Comedy Whore!, but you can check out the poster below. And make sure to click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and VOD in September.


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