Check out the riveting, deeply emotional new documentary No Dress Code Required

“Contemporary times in Mexico are being tested. It questions our ability as a society to prove, if in fact, it is truly democratic; if, indeed, we can enforce equal rights established by the Constitution. At this crossroad we find the members of the LGBTQ community who want full recognition of their civil rights, and civil society where sexual differences are still thought as a or without pathology. In its most basic elements, this is a very simple story: it is a love story. It’s the story of a couple who wants to love each other, and have the legal rights granted to any married heterosexual couple; they want to confront us and they demand from us the recognition of their love, and our acceptance to the fact that it is legitimate to love each other.” – Director Cristina Herrera Borquez


Victor and Fernando, a devoted, unassuming couple from Mexicali, Mexico, find themselves in the center of a legal firestorm over their desire to get married. Weighing all their options, the pair opt to stay in their hometown of Mexicali and fight for their legal rights. With the help of two committed attorneys, Victor and Fernando withstand a seemingly interminable series of bizarre hurdles and bureaucratic nitpicking with grace and dignity.

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